Sunday Morning QB- Greatest Day in Mississippi Football History Edition


Oct 4, 2014; Starkville, MS, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs wide receiver Jamoral Graham (81) carries the ball against the Texas A&M Aggies at Davis Wade Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

1. How many of you were nervous after watching that first A&M drive? I’m not sure why A&M has so much success on that 1st drive every week. It’s obvious good coaching is part of that- but defenses just seem to come out tentative against them for some reason. We certainly changed our mentality on D after that 1st drive.

2. Speaking of that 1st TD for A&M- guess what defensive playcall it came off of? You got it- the CB blitz. It still remains the worst call in defensive football.

3. The effort we are playing with right now is a joy to watch. We threw the quick screen out to the right to Myles- and suddenly into the picture you see MoJo blocking his man into the A&M water cooler. That’s the kind of effort that wins you championship football games. That is getting the absolute most out of your team. That’s the way we are playing this season and I love it.

4. 81 showed why coaches are reluctant to put true freshmen back catching punts. Either you are in or you are out on those types of punts Smokey. He hesitated and it cost him a turnover. Mullen didn’t flinch though and threw him right back out there for the next one.

5. Beautiful back shoulder throw to Wilson yesterday for a big gain. Bear continues to get better every week and is a match-up nightmare for defenses. We put him in the slot again for his TD catch and he just overpowered the safety who tried to jam him- knocked the guy down. Dakota slipped the throw in there low and Bear just went down and got it. You cant put a LB’er on him because he will run away from him and leave him. He is going to out physical any SS you put on him. I love him in the slot.

6. A&M was trying to play physical and jam our WR’s. So we started stacking our WR’s in a doubles set. It led to some easy throw and catches on slant routes to the underneath WR. Nice adjustment by our staff.

7. Gus Walley continues to play well. Excellent blocker with good hands. It’s role players like this guy that make our offense good.

8. How about our OL yesterday? Didnt even miss Day really. Proud of the way Desper played. I knew Beckwith would play well- but Desper did a really good job stepping in. Just remember who told you this was the best OL Mullen has had in his tenure. It’s pretty obvious by now. 289 yards at half yesterday. Didn’t even need any adjustment time did we? I wasnt real happy with Clausell letting that Freshman work him over a few times though- even though the guy for A&M is probably Chris Jones level good.

9. 289 yards on the ground yesterday. 51 runs to 26 passes. That is the perfect ratio I’m looking for. I love it.

10. We played with 5 in the Box yesterday on defense alot. It gave them a few runs and allowed Hill to slip away and run a few times- but overall I liked the gameplan. When you can play 5 in the box and they still struggle to run on you- you’re pretty good upfront. we have the best Front 7 in the SEC- there is not even a doubt about that anymore. Ole Missus has the best Secondary. Magnolia State has some bad SOB’s playing defensive football in 2014.

11. A&M was always sliding the DL to wide side of the field- so Mullen kept running into the boundary. It worked for nice chunks of yardage. Take what they give you.

12. A&M’s WR’s had a lot of drops because we were punishing them when they caught it. Really good job on defense yesterday. I kept trying to tell everyone our Secondary is pretty good- don’t let stats fool you because we have given up some garbage TD’s this year. I will give credit to Hack, Bulldawg28, and some others that kept saying Redmond was our best cover guy before the season. He damn sure is. He is looking good out there.

15. Props to the RebelBearSharks. They pulled it off yesterday. Biggest day in Mississippi football history. The two best teams in the West very well could be in this state. I cant even fathom an undefeated Egg Bowl- it would probably set a record for fan fights. Better search for tickets now if you plan to go- wont be any left to be had soon. I made my reservations for Atlanta this morning- I suggest you do the same.

16. Dakota is going to be in NY for the He15man presentation. I don’t know if he can win it- but let it sink in- he is almost assured of being there. He is going to keep playing well- and he is going to light up Kentucky, Vandy, UT Martin, and UPig. Just an incredible season he has going. 336 yards and 5 TD’s yesterday- without his Center and 3 year starter at Slot. That shows our depth, that Merlin really can recruit, and how good he really is.

17. We are ranked the highest we have ever been in any of our lifetimes. Enjoy Dawgs.