Bulldog Bash 2014 Weather Forecast


It’s that time for the most exciting weekend of Bulldog football of the season, as far as outside events go. Not only do we have SEC Nation coming into town, but we also have the 2014 Bulldog Bash happening in the Cotton District. Now for those of you who don’t know what Bulldog Bash is, it’s basically a set of concerts set up in the Cotton District on Friday night. Preceding the concerts are a multitude of events. You start off with the Maroon Market which is basically a big outdoor shopping event (for you women out there reading this). At the same time, we have the Grill your Bash Off competition which will pit some of the best grill-masters out there for a chance to win 4 VIP passes for the Bulldog Bash concerts. After those events have wound down, we roll right into the Dawg Rally. Dan Mullen will be coming in to pump up the Bulldog faithful before Saturday’s clash against the #8 Texas A&M Aggies. Lastly, at 7 PM the concerts begin. These concerts will last until approximately 11:30 PM. Just in time for the faithful to go home, sleep it off for a couple of hours, then head back to Davis Wade for one of the biggest games of the year (aren’t they all, though?).

So with this being such a monumental set of events, I figured it deserved its own forecast, because why not? Let’s be honest here, no one wants their night at Bulldog Bash to be ruined by Mother Nature. That’s no fun to be at a concert and drinking certain beverages while it’s raining. Outdoor concerts when it’s raining is even worse, because most of the time the concert is cancelled with rain. Luckily, it doesn’t look like that will happen late enough to affect the festivities. So let me give you my forecast numbers for Friday afternoon and into Friday night.

Numbers you want to know

Maroon Market and Grill Your Bash Off (2:00 PM CT): 77 °F, partly cloudy, winds ENE at 15-20 mph, gusts above 20 mph, chance of rain 30%.

End of MM and GYBO (4:30 PM CT): 76 °F, partly cloudy, winds ENE at 15-20 mph, gusts above 20 mph, chance of rain 20%.

Dawg Rally (5:15 PM CT): 75 °, partly cloudy, winds ENE at 10-15 mph.

Bulldog Bash Concerts Begin (7:00 PM CT): 70 °F, clear, winds NE at 5-10 mph

Headliners Begin (Dirty Guv’nahs @ 9:00 PM CT): 64 °F, clear, winds NE at 5-10 mph

Last Headliner (Justin Moore @ 10:00 PM CT): 62 °F, clear, winds NE at 5-10 mph

End of Bulldog Bash (11:30 PM CT): 57 °F, clear, winds NE at 5-10 mph

Be sure to follow @MWNWeather on Twitter as I will keep updating not only this forecast, but tomorrow I will put out the MSU vs. TAMU Game Forecast in all of its glory. You thought the Bulldog Bash weather is fantastic, wait until you see the game weather. Probably will be the most beautiful day of football yet this season.