Sunday Morning QB- 20 Years of Begging for GameDay Edition


1. It got interesting as we sat here relaxed, ranked 14th in the country, and no game this weekend. Chris Fowler tells the world that Gameday could be headed to Starkville with a Memphis victory. Suddenly the Memphis game had a little meaning. Of course, Memphis is terrible and no way they were going to win- but it made for a little excitement anyway. How about Fowler telling the world Ole Missus has been begging for Gameday for 20 years??? Begging for GameDay. That is probably the most Ole Missus thing ever. Begging for GameDay. I love it.

2. I hate Ole Missus couldnt wear their special 38 helmets for the Memphis game. As we pointed out on EliteDawgs this week, the helmets are an NCAA violation. The NCAA told Ole Missus they couldn’t wear the helmets.

3. Speaking of Ole Missus vs Memphis- how about that performance by Bo Dirt last night? 22/37 with 2 picks and a lost fumble. QBR of 40.3 vs Memphis. Not SEC, not SEC. Memphis. We talking bout Memphis. Not SEC- Memphis. Now he faces Bama and Saban who had a week off to get ready for him. Good luck with that.

4. Auburn put away La Tech yesterday and had a few injuries doing it. Not sure if any were significant- but they had 4-5 guys leave the game.

5. A&M looked about like I thought they would yesterday. They are not as good on offense as they were last year- but they are still dangerous. We definitely needed two weeks to get ready for this one and it will show this Saturday. We will beat them 10 plus and just out-physical them. I’m thinking 41-27.

6. How bout that UPig bunch? Improved…physical…but they still aren’t ready to win big games. QB fumbles snaps, terrible missed tackles in the Secondary, stupid play-calling in big situations. No way they should have lost that game yesterday.

7. UPig is still the 8th best team at worst in the SEC. The East is garbage. Mizzou beats SC in Columbia after losing to Indiana- who lost to Maryland yesterday at home. The East should be excluded from the SEC title game this year. There is such a big gap between the top 6 of the West and the East teams its ridiculous.

8. Looks like LSU has found them a QB. Thank you Lester for waiting until after our game. Harris came off the bench to account for 5 TD’s last night. Their offense just got a lot better. They will take care of some business down the road it didn’t look like they would just last week.

9. Kentucky got an SEC win finally. Good for them. They are improved no doubt, and we will have to stay on our toes when we go there. But we will also have 2 weeks to get ready for them. We’ll be prepared for sure.

10. I’m curious to see how the SEC handles the Ole Missus fighting last night. Shirley there should be a suspension or two for throwing a punch and leaving the bench???