Sunday Morning QB- Corndogs Are Delicious Edition


1. What a night. Pregame meal was simple- ribeyes and sauteed green beans. Tito’s was my game choice last night.

2. I knew LSU was going to come out and challenge our manhood- they didn’t have any choice with Jennings at QB. And I also knew we would stuff them. 3 and out to start the game set the tone.

3. 1st play of the game for us to MoJo was great. Players get all hyped for that 1st play on defense, so what did Mullen call? A little misdirection pass- slipping MoJo out of the backfield. 25 yards and we had seized some early momentum. TD pass to Wilson was also a good play design and had to be something they saw on film to get the best match-up. Pass from Dakota was right where it had to be as well.

4. As good as the 1st drive was- Mullen’s playcalling was garbage on the 2nd series. JRob runs for 13 yards so what do we do next? Throw three straight passes and punt. Run the football! The two sacks we gave up looked like coverage sacks- especially the 1st one. Their secondary gobbled up our WR’s.

Sep 20, 2014; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs linebacker Benardrick McKinney (50) during the second half of a game against the LSU Tigers at Tiger Stadium. Mississippi State defeated LSU 34-29. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

5. The Stand- this is where the game was won- the goal-line stand followed by a 98 yard drive in 5 plays. Lester and Company are too hardheaded and ran right at us. We showed right there that either us or Bama has the best defensive front in the SEC- and it ain’t really close for 3rd place.

Mullen adjusted his calls after that 2nd series and took advantage of the man coverage. Dakota threw it up and just let Wilson grab the go route- then we ran the post with Wilson vs man coverage for an easy 44 yard gain. Prescott really looked good throwing the ball early.

6. JRob- 16 carries for 197 yards- and he still didn’t get enough touches. He didn’t get another carry in the 2nd Q after we kicked the FG around the 10 minute mark. That’s ridiculous. Why we keep running Holloway out there at all is beyond me. As far as JRob goes- Hey Bo- you think we have an elite level RB now? I’ve been saying it for 2 years- JRob is outstanding. He has averaged over 6 ypc his whole career.

7. Anybody want to question the OL anymore??? 302 yards rushing in Death Valley. 570 total yards. Our TB averaged 12.3 yards vs LSU. 12.3 yards for the game. I told you this was the best OL Dan Mullen has had- and it is. As far as Day stepping on the guy- he had all his momentum coming forward when the tackle was made and he was trying to jump over the pile- unfortunately he didn’t make it. There was no intent to do harm to anyone. The RebelBears can suck it.

8. I told people about Preston Smith 2 years ago. You could see he had NFL potential if he could just get a little stronger and a little tougher vs the run. He has. He is an animal out there right now. This was his year to prove he belongs in the NFL draft- and he is doing it. Lining him up in the middle on the Center in passing situations is a great move by Collins- he gets off the ball so quick a Center cant handle him. And by bringing pressure to occupy the Guards- it frees him up to wreak havoc right up the gut. Great job of thinking outside the box by Collins.

9. How great is Dakota Prescott? Played well in the 1st half. Then comes out in the 2nd half, fumbles on a run, giving LSU a defensive TD. LSU had seized momentum. The crowd came alive and got loud. I started receiving texts from Corndogs all over that here comes the State meltdown in Death Valley that we see time after time. But did we? Hell no. Prescott came right back on the field and led us right down the field for a TD. Great call by Mullen on the 3rd and 10 throwback screen to keep the drive alive, and then another great job of going 5 wide and running Dakota vs LSU’s man coverage. Prescott made the Safety miss and it was on to the “land of milk and honey”. Great player and a Great Leader. Enjoy watching this guy play for us. He is the best we have ever had at QB.

10. We have to stop subbing. I get that the score was 34-10 and we were about to punch it in again- but damn Mullen- punch it in again. Subbing in the 2nd OL and Griff was a mistake. We didnt get the TD and it almost cost us. You can’t do that vs SEC West teams. Everybody is too damn good. Save that crap for Vandy and Middle Tennessee. Hell, subbing one or two guys would have been better than the whole OL group. We had our foot on their throat and could have gotten some style points there- and we didn’t.

11. How tight was Archie Muniz’s butt on that last onside kick? Thank goodness we recovered.

12. I watched Bammer and I watched us Saturday. I literally cant tell you who has the best defensive front 7. That will continue to play out the next few weeks- but damn- how awesome is it to be able to say that?

13. Week off to get ready for Texas A&M- while they have to play a physical UPig bunch in Jerry World. That is huge for us. And good lord- our Secondary needs the two weeks to get ready. I expect to see us mix up some 3 and 4 man fronts to mess with them. But whatever we do- I expect us to control their running game with our DL. Our LB’s and Secondary have to do their jobs.

14. 4-0 is great. We passed out 1st test- now we have 7 more to go.