Sunday Morning QB- End of the Preseason Edition


1. 3-0 in the preseason. Played a lot of guys to get them experience. The coaching staff accomplished it’s goal on that front.

2. We come out on the 1st play yesterday and run for 6 yards. So what do we do? We throw 5 straight passes- which leads to two straight punts to begin the game. Helluva game plan there, Mullen. #RTGDF. We finished with 45 runs to 24 passes. It’s not a coincidence that the offense starting producing once we committed to #RTGDF. The run sets up the pass for this team. Please plan accordingly in BR so we can have a chance to win. Wasted possessions of 3 straight passes cant happen.

3. I hope the experiment with the other RB’s is over. Get JRob a babysitter, a personal assistant, and a police escort until the Sunday after Thanksgiving. He is that important to this team. He is head and shoulders the best back on this football team. Hell, he was the best runner we had last year. I’m not sure what he does to get in the doghouse so much- but get this guy an entourage to watch out for him and keep him off the bad list. His 1st touch yesterday was for 39 yards. He is imperative for us to #RTGDF. Free JRob!!! Him being the 4th RB to get in the game yesterday is insane.

4. Our OL play was really good again. The sack we had was on the “Dancin Dakota” who didnt get rid of the ball. He didn’t see anything, then thought about running, then stopped to make a throw again, and ran out of time. Prescott/JRob finished with 216 yards on 26 carries- 8.3 YPC. That’s damn good for you guys scoring at home. Warren got in some with 1’s at RT and looked ok. We did more mixing in guys one at a time and it looked a lot better out there. This group still needs work but is getting better like I thought they would. Only 5 sacks in 3 games. Big test coming up this week.

5. Decent game by our QB. Looked really good running the ball except for the ends of plays. He obviously has had it drilled into his head to slide or to make sure he protects his body- and it’s just not him. He needs to go back to playing the way his instincts tell him and stop all crap- he is taking worse hits because of it. He is getting popped on some of those slides. He needs to go back to getting his shoulders down and delivering the blow instead of taking it.

Passing-wise he made some good throws and some questionable ones as always. His 1st pass on the middle square in should have been thrown better and he forced a few others. There were a couple of other times they had good coverage and he ran out of time- just had to get rid of it. 13/21 for 201 yards is a solid day. 12 total TD’s accounted for on the season.

6. 321 yards of offense at the half after screwing around on the first 2 possessions- that’s pretty good. 3 straight games of over 500 yards of offense- has a State team ever done that before? I’d be surprised if we had. When we commit to the run- it opens up our passing game- not vice-versa. I hope we remember that going forward. #RTGDF

7. McKinney missed an open field tackle on their QB to allow them to keep a drive alive early. But overall he was solid. We are really doing a good job on the inside at LB.

8. USA has 13 carries/10 yards in the 1st half and 27/57 for the game. Our front has remained solid. I enjoyed seeing Jones/James in there together at DT some. They made a damn wall inside USA couldn’t handle. This will be the critical area to watch vs LSU. LSU may have the best OL in America- and our front vs the run is pretty damn good. Continuing to stuff the run will be critical in beating LSU. Force them into 2nd and 3rd and longs with young QB’s.

9. Our Secondary- which I said was the weakest part of our D before the season started- continues to look pedestrian. We got beat a couple more times deep but thankfully USA dropped passes. LSU is going to throw it deep some- you can count on it. Please let Cox be healthy for this one. We need everybody for this one. We also dropped at least 3 balls that should have been picked- finish the play.

10. Congrats to our kickers for making all the XP’s. Well done guys- we are so proud of you. Keep up the good work. (Shhhhhh, don’t let them hear you. Are we the only team in the country without a made FG the first 3 weeks?). Also liked seeing Devon Bell scratch the game-plan on kickoffs and drill a couple into the stands. I wish we would do that every time this week. I dont want to give LSU any chance for cheap points.

11. It’s the game we have all waited for. It’s test time. Please Coach Mullen, turn the wheel over to our 2 Louisiana boys and let them show Miles he screwed up by not getting on them earlier. I want to see Dakota and JRob shine. Ride them all the way and let’s see what happens. #RTGDF. The preseason is over- and the real season is starting.