On September 4th, 2004 Mississippi State and Russell Athletic gave out a free t-shirt to kick-start the Sylvester Croom era. It simply said, “Maroon is all the Matters”. MSU went on to beat Tulane 28-7 that night in front of a national television audience and the place was electric leaving the stadium. Everyone was excited about the Croom era.

For the next five years we would play mind-boggling offensive football and field a very mediocre team. We wore terrible white helmets and the whole thing was just embarrassing. Sly Croom was a good man who did a good job picking up the pieces of a shattered program, but 2004-2008 is not a time I remember fondly. It is a wasteland of pathetic football.

The MSU marketing department wants fans to wear maroon on Saturday. PLEASE DO NOT WEAR YOUR ‘MAROON IS ALL THAT MATTERS’ T-SHIRT.

There are books stores on and near campus. Go to Wal-Mart, buy a maroon tee at Target or something – just don’t wear that shirt! It should be used as a rag in your garage at best.

Croom is gone. It is a new era. Do not bring anything into the stadium that was Larry Templeton’s idea. It’s like buying a new car and putting your wet dog in the backseat as soon as you get home. Why?

What exactly does it say about the person wearing the shirt? I’m a freeloader and this is the only MSU shirt I have?

If you see someone wearing the ‘Maroon is all that Matters’ shirt this weekend, please walk up to them and kindly escort them to the t-shirt vendor. Purchase them a new shirt, have them change in the bathroom, shred the shirt and wash your hands.

Friends don’t let friends where ‘Maroon is all that Matters’ shirts.