Final Roster Evaluation


Oct 12, 2013; Starkville, MS, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs come onto the field prior to the game against the Bowling Green Falcons at Davis Wade Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

This is the last post in our seven-week summer preview series….so that means football is almost here! We’ve hit every SEC team, ranked all the SEC units, previewed all the games on MSU’s schedule and every position on the team. Now we’re ready.

To round things out, let’s take a look at every player on the roster and catch you up on any offseason roster news you might have missed.

First, here are the offseason roster notes:

  • Ferlando Bohanna will be a student coach (head trauma)
  • Trent Simpson left MSU to pursue baseball
  • Dee Arrington will medically redshirt the 2014 season
  • Jeremey Chappelle, Derrick Milton, Artimus Samuel, and Quay Evans transferred
  • Jordan Washington was involved in a burglery incident with Charles Siddoway in the spring and is no longer with the team
  • 2014 signees Jordan Harris, Lashard Durr and Ravian Pierce did not quality academically and have gone to junior college
  • Shelby Christy will miss 2014 with a torn ACL
  • Damien Robinson’s career is likely over after an ACL tear
  • Cedric Jiles will miss significant time with an unspecified injury.
  • Gabe Myles concussion two weeks prior to 1st game

Full depth chart (these are my projections based on who will receive the most playing time):

*likely redshirt


  1. Dak Prescott
  2. Damian Williams
  3. Nick Fitzgerald*
  4. Elijah Staley*

Running Back

  1. Josh Robinson
  2. Ashton Shumpert
  3. Nick Griffin
  4. Brandon Holloway
  5. Aeries Williams
  6. Dontavian Lee*

Slot Receiver

  1. Jameon Lewis
  2. Gabe Myles
  3. Jamoral Graham

Wide Receiver

  1. D’Runnya Wilson
  2. Robert Johnson
  3. Fred Ross
  4. Fred Brown
  5. Joe Morrow
  6. B.J. Hammond
  7. Jesse Jackson*
  8. Shelby Christy

Offensive Tackle

  1. Blaine Clausell
  2. Justin Senior
  3. Justin Malone
  4. Rufus Warren
  5. Cole Carter
  6. Joquell Johnson*
  7. Ronald Cochran*
  8. Elgton Jenkins*
  9. Damien Robinson

Offensive Guard

  1. Justin Malone
  2. Jamaal Clayborn
  3. Ben Beckwith
  4. Devon Desper
  5. Jake Thomas
  6. Kent Flowers
  7. Deion Calhoun*


  1. Dillon Day
  2. Archie Muniz
  3. Devon Desper

Tight End

  1. Malcolm Johnson
  2. Brandon Hill
  3. Darrion Hutcherson
  4. Gus Walley
  5. Christian Holmes

Defensive Tackle

  1. Chris Jones
  2. P.J. Jones
  3. Kaleb Eulls
  4. Nick James
  5. Nelson Adams
  6. Curtis Virges
  7. Cory Thomas*
  8. Braxton Hoyett*
  9. Grant Harris*

Defensive End

  1. Preston Smith
  2. Ryan Brown
  3. A.J. Jefferson
  4. Chris Jones
  5. Torrey Dale
  6. John Harris
  7. Will Coleman*

Outside Linebacker

  1. Matthew Wells
  2. Beniquez Brown
  3. Zach Jackson
  4. Dezmond Harris
  5. DeAndre Ward
  6. J.T. Gray*
  7. Deshon Cooper*

Middle Linebacker

  1. Benardrick McKinney
  2. Richie Brown
  3. Gerri Green


  1. Jay Hughes
  2. Justin Cox
  3. Kendrick Market
  4. Deontay Evans
  5. Kivon Coman
  6. Brandon Wells
  7. Brandon Bryant*


  1. Taveze Calhoun
  2. Jamerson Love
  3. Will Redmond
  4. Tolando Cleveland
  5. Cedric Jiles
  6. Jahmere Irvin-Sills
  7. Chris Rayford*


  1. Devon Bell
  2. Logan Cooke*


  1. Evan Sobiesk
  2. Westin Graves