What’s in Store on M&WN this Fall? Come Check it Out!

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Once baseball season ended around the first of June we began putting the pieces together for our fall schedule. We would like to present the best Mississippi State coverage we possibly can, and I think we are going to have a great season!

This summer has been a big one on Maroon and White Nation. The site has grown tremendously both in traffic and in new writers. I honestly never could have imagined we would be presenting you with coverage like this, but we are. The team we’ve assembled features some of the best writers in the MSU community and I’m proud to say we have several in-depth columns no one else can provide. Thank you to every one who reads M&WN whether you stop by the site every day or just when you’re bored – it means a lot that you come by and enjoy following the Bulldogs with us!

Now that we’ve got that sappy stuff out of the way, I’d like to introduce our newest writers (who have already posted some):

Jake Wimberly

Cole Patterson

LeAnn Flemming

These three join Justin Strawn, Andrew Norwood, Bent Bulldawg and myself as the main writers on the site. There are also a few others who will post from time to time. An old friend, Coach 34, will also be joining us again.

Each day there are certain posts we will publish. Our goal is to provide consistent and well-rounded coverage of the most exciting time in the sports calendar: football season. There will still be spontaneous opinion posts as events merit, news and other stories, but the following is the schedule of weekly posts we intend to deliver every Mississippi State game week…