Q&A With New Commercial Dispatch Writer


In case you haven’t heard, the Commercial Dispatch of Columbus, MS has hired a new MSU beat reporter to replace the dismissed Matthew Stevens. His name is Brandon Walker.

While you can imagine my excitement level of not having Matty Dispatch on the MSU beat is pretty high, I was so excited, in fact, that I reached out to Brandon for a quick Q&A so we can get a head start getting to know him.

1. Welcome to the Mississippi State community! Where were you employed prior to taking the job as MSU beat writer for the Commercial Dispatch?

"I am currently Sports Editor of the Northwest Florida Daily News in Fort Walton Beach, Fla."

2. You are originally from West Point, MS. Were you looking to come back home or is that just how it worked out?

"Just how it worked out. I was happy in Florida, but always tried to stay aware if one of the SEC beats in Mississippi opened up. It did, and here we are."

3. Rapid fire ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions… 

  • have you ever tweeted the hashtag, #mlbdraft? “No.”
  • do you enjoy Doritos? “Of course.”
  • do you own a blue sweater vest? “No.”
  • do you bathe more than once a week? “Depends on the week.”
  • is your twitter avatar a current reflection of how you look? “Unfortunately yes.”
  • will you refer to yourself as the MSU Dispatch Sports Blog? “No.”
  • do you have a firm grasp of the term “dark horse”, i.e. dark horse Hiesman candidate? “Yes.”

*if any of those questions were confusing to you, be sure to check out Matty Dispatch’s top 10 moments. 

4. For some reason I tend to think everyone looks like someone else. My initial thoughts were you look like this guy from The Waterboy. 


Your thoughts?

"I showed my sports staff at the Daily News your comparison and now there’s a picture of this guy on my desk. It only makes me cry a little."

5. What are your goals and expectations for your role on the MSU beat?

"There’s a tremendous opportunity for a sportswriter to make a name for himself on any SEC beat, and I aim to do that with this job."

It looks like Brandon is excited to get started here in the next week or so. Best of luck to him, but so help you God if you report anything punishable by the NCAA we will jump down your throat like a pack of wolves. Other than that it’s all love, brother. Cheers.