Top 10 Moments in Scott Field History; #3: Beating Bama in 1996


In 1986, Scott Field was expanded with the addition of an upper deck on the West side. Seating capacity went from 32,000 to 40,656. We’ve already done our list of top 10 moments in the “Davis Wade” era, so this top 10 list will consist of games played at Scott Field from 1986-2000.

The 1980 victory over #1 Alabama is regarded as the best win in MSU history and for good reason – but after it occurred the Bulldogs lost the next 15 games vs. the Tide. Then in 1996, Jackie Sherrill was able to beat his alma mater for the first time with a 17-16 upset in Starkville.

Alabama was ranked #11 at the time and MSU was just 3-5 on the year with some fans looking for a change at the head coaching position. This win re-established JWS and led to a three game winning streak vs. the Tide and four of five. What’s more, it laid the foundation for one of the best four year stretches in program history (1997-2000).

Just prior to the start of the game, a skydiver crash landed on the field breaking both of his legs.