MSU Should Add Men’s Soccer and Here’s Why


I know what you’re saying. “You’re just writing this to follow up on the World Cup hype.” You’re partially right. But I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to lay out the reasons why Mississippi State University should add a Men’s Soccer program to its sanctioned sports list (we already have a women’s team). Now before you close the window and say that this whole article is bologna and hogwash, let me put down a few numbers for you.

According to, the average total revenue for a collegiate men’s soccer program is $168,378. Now this is an average of all colleges regardless of division or affiliation, so the average total expenses is $183,855. Considering the size and scope of MSU, we should be able to close that gap and at least break even to start and then make money going forward.

Currently, the only Division I programs in the SEC belong to South Carolina and Kentucky. With the SEC not supporting a Men’s Soccer Championship within the conference, those two schools are competing within Conference USA. If we could get enough schools to support a Soccer program within the SEC, then we could build a fairly substantial set of programs to add revenue to the athletic department.

South Carolina’s program from the beginning was a national powerhouse. They have gone to the NCAA Tournament 20 times, as recent as 2011, and have gone as far as the National Championship Game against Virginia in 1993. They have had the same coach since 1978 in Mark Berson who sports a winning percentage of 71.1%. In fact, a South Carolina alum and player on the team at the time is on the US National Team as a Goalkeeper. Brad Guzan also plays for Aston Villa FC in the Barclay’s Premiere League. With that said, I believe that Men’s Soccer is a realm that Mississippi State should delve into and try to be only the third SEC school to support a Men’s Soccer program.

Now about those Title IX obligations, I also have a suggestion for that. Beach Volleyball was recently approved as a NCAA-sanctioned sport. This is the latest sport to be added to the list of sanctioned sports by the NCAA. Mississippi State University does have a club beach volleyball team but they are not supported by the MSU Athletic Department.

I welcome any comments or arguments about what I’ve said on both my Twitter and in the comments below. I look forward to discussing this with everyone.