Top 10 Matty Dispatch Moments

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The Full Court Press on Bulldog Sports Radio.

This was the ultimate undoing of Stevens when he railed on the Cajun culture.

If you ever listened to his show you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say he was arrogant, annoying, arrogant and annoying.

He couldn’t say “MSU” or State”, it was always the “Mississippi State Bulldogs”. He loved to take as many breaths as possible to complete a sentence. He also liked to ramble for 2-3 minutes setting up a conversation as if the people listening had no idea about anything related to MSU sports….even though they were listening to Bulldog Sports Radio.

Stevens once told me I was unprofessional for suggesting he was a carpetbagger. Then he gets fired for suggesting Cajuns were only half-human. Ouch.