Top 10 Matty Dispatch Moments

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Identifying himself as being from the Clarion-Ledger at a College World Series press conference.

I was surprised to get a DM from a beat writer one day while MSU was in Omaha that said Stevens had done this. I pressed him on it during an e-mail conversation and he came clean.

"Apparently I did do that in Omaha and while this is hard to explain and understandably hard to believe I didn’t mean to do that and didn’t realize it after I’d done it. It became actually hilarious in Omaha when some MSU student workers informed me the next day that I had done so because even a day later I wasn’t aware that’s what I’d said. However, hey – if you can’t laugh at the dumb things you do, is life really worth living? That day became a big laugh and my expense and so I just tipped my hat and said “Yup, I’m wearing this one for having a brain dead moment. It happens. It’ll happen again in some form again. I suppose you could break that down as a press conference brain malfunction on my part."