SEC Baseball Tournament Forecast Series: Game 3


Well that’s certainly one way to make noise in the 2014 SEC Baseball Tournament. Run-ruling South Carolina after an explosive 8-run top of the 7th inning was certainly not on the menu. But we will certainly take it and the momentum associated with it to our matchup against the Wildcats of the University of Kentucky. First pitch is set for 30 minutes after the first Winner’s Bracket game between LSU and Arkansas at 4:30 PM CDT. So we will use the magic of previous experience and estimate that first pitch will be around 8:20 PM CDT again. I realize I was a few (five to be exact) minutes off of the first pitch time on Wednesday, but I’m sure y’all will forgive me and let me move on. So we will once again be using the NAM from the College of DuPage website.

250 mb

Well it looks like that upper-level high pressure that I’ve been harping on for the past two posts is staying right where it is, which I don’t mind. This makes my job much, much easier for setting up this forecast. No support aloft to create clouds or any sort of disturbance to our game tomorrow. This is giving me high confidence of a beautiful day for SEC Baseball Tournament play tomorrow.

500 mb

Moving on down to the relative halfway point vertically in the atmosphere, vorticity advection is quite low. I don’t see any sort of mid-level support that will bring us clouds during the game on Thursday. I expect beautiful skies from what I can tell thus far for the Hoover Met and the Bulldog baseball team.

700 mb

Looking on down at UVVs, another fairly lackluster day on its end. This gives me even further confidence that we will have yet another beautiful evening in Hoover for baseball. I’m starting to like these setups as we keep winning in them. So, hopefully we can continue this throughout the tournament (hint hint) and everyone can be happy!

850 mb

Doesn’t look like we will get any warm-air advection into the Hoover area which is good news as that will keep lower-level air from trying to rise due to temperature differences. This will keep us from having any pesky scattered clouds popping up over the stadium. Who likes clouds over stadiums? No one. Exactly. So let’s keep it that way, shall we?

Numbers you want to know

First pitch (Estimated 8:20 PM CDT): 80°, clear skies, winds W at 5-10 mph.

Last out (11:20 PM CDT): 69°, clear, calm winds.