2014 SEC Baseball Tournament Forecast Series: Game 1


John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Well it’s postseason time now, folks. So I have decided to do a short little forecast and will post new ones for each day that we are in the tournament. So first up on the list is our Elimination game matchup against the 12-seed University of Georgia. First pitch, according to the bracket, is TBD. But I estimate that the game before will last around 3 hours with a 30-minute break between to warm up and get the field prepped for our matchup. So I estimate that our first pitch will be around 8:00 PM CDT Tuesday evening. Don’t worry, I’ll update the forecast situation via Twitter the day of the game for small details. So make sure to follow me on Twitter for forecast updates each day. For the full tournament bracket, check out an earlier post made by The Croom Diaries with the full SEC Tournament Bracket. So let’s get right down to business, shall we?

250 mb

The upper-levels are very calm over the Hoover Met throughout the whole day because of a fairly intense ridge that is set up in the Southern Plains. With this in place, there really isn’t any upper-level forcing to really bring anything in as far as weather is concerned. So this is definitely something that we won’t have to worry about making our first game a wet/cloudy one.

500 mb

Dropping down a level, vorticity values are actually pretty pathetic in my opinion. This is a boring, blah, pathetic day in the life of a Meteorologist looking at the upper level maps. This is the definition of a boring day where all you have to do is just figure out what the high and low temperatures will be and you will be just fine. But let’s look on through the levels for the pure principle of it.

700 mb

UVV values are actually negative over the Met as we start off the game. So not only will there be no upper level forcing to support any sort of clouds, you actually have sinking at the mid-levels which will further suppress cloud formation. So don’t even bother bringing your rain stuff for the first game and enjoy the game wherever you decide to sit with the stadium.

Surface Analysis

Looking down at the surface values, which we are all concerned with, it looks like it will be a beautiful night for SEC Baseball Tournament action. We shouldn’t have any encroachments by storms or even really strong winds So this is going to be definitely a game where defense is going to win the game, especially mental defense. But let’s get down to the numbers.

Numbers you want to know

First pitch (Technically 30 minutes after previous game, estimated 8:00 PM CDT): 73 degrees, clear, winds SSW at 5-10 mph.

Last out (11:00 PM CDT): 65 degrees, clear, winds S at 5-10 mph.