The Difference Between Ole Miss and MSU Fans


Nov 28, 2013; Starkville, MS, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs quarterback Damian Williams (14) and Mississippi Rebels defensive tackle Issac Gross (94) exchange words during the game at Davis Wade Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

There are many differences, but also probably more similarities, between Mississippi State and Ole Miss fans. If you took away the knowledge of where your co-worker went to school odds are you’re very similar in religion, politics, clothes, etc. If you have a business or education degree that’s probably the case. But the schools, like most states have, feature majors that seem to elicit a very different view of things…and that seems to permeate the sports world in this rivalry.

An Ole Miss fan will never admit defeat. They will dodge the facts as much as they can – and if they can’t, they will just ignore them and not speak. If the facts are in their favor, however, they are quick to point them out.

A MSU fan is often more downtrodden in their view of Bulldog sports. They generally wait until the facts are in before talking smack, and are more willing to accept the fact that they lost to their rival.

Two people, both from the same state, viewing their sports teams completely different. Of course, I’m generalizing here. Many State fans hate that attitude I described of MSU fans and many OM fans are willing to accept their licks. But for the most part, I think those stereotypes are accurate.

Why? We’ll I have a simple hypothesis.

Ole Miss thinks like a lawyer. MSU thinks like an engineer.

A lawyer will do whatever it takes to win. The truth is secondary – as long as you can frame an argument so the judge and jury believes what you are saying to be correct, you win. Perception is everything….what actually happened is not as important as what you can convince people to believe happened.

An engineer will only stamp what is correct. People’s lives could be at stake if a bridge collapses or a building falls. There is a right and a wrong, and the truth is paramount. It doesn’t matter what you think will work, it only matters what will work.

These attributes help and hurt both schools. Ole Miss gets more recruits, MSU keeps more on campus after they arrive. As far as the fan back-and-forth, it will probably always be this way. With the internet it’s even more pronounced.

Governor’s Cup tonight. Have fun. Hail State.