Super Bulldog Weekend Forecast


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Who’s ready for Super Bulldog Weekend? Everyone? Wonderful! Well then I bet you’re wondering how the weather is going to work out for this weekend. Then you’ve come to the right place. We will go through all of the levels of the atmosphere and give you the basic outlook for each game. Don’t worry, I’ll give you all the stats for the spring game and the concert in the amphitheater for those of you who will be going to the concert. So let me lay out the forecast periods that I will be doing during this post, and there will be a lot. For Friday, I’m going to forecast for the baseball game vs. Ole Miss that has a first pitch of 6:30 PM and that’s all. Saturday will be full of events so I’m going to do a forecast for every 3 hour block starting from 8:00 AM  and ending at 11:00 PM. Lastly, I will give a forecast for Sunday concerning the baseball game that has a first pitch of 1:30 PM. Once again I will use the 12Z GFS model from So let’s jump right on in, shall we?

250 mb

This might be the most boring set up I’ve seen in a while as far as weather is concerned. This spells very good news for all of you outdoor lovers reading. No jet streaks are to be found near Starkville during the forecast period. The only time that I might even have an inkling of worry for weather is late on Sunday, but everyone should be gone from the Starkville area by then so there are no worries as far as Super Bulldog Weekend is concerned. As we go through the levels, we should see a correlation between the non-existent forcing and the beautiful weather that is ahead.

500 mb

Vorticity advection is fairly non-existent until about 6Z Sunday (1:00 AM Sunday), which shouldn’t cause any problems as far as travel from the concert Saturday night. Even then, it’s not significant enough of forcing to cause any sort of major problems for the area, maybe just a little bit of cloud cover could roll in overnight but will quickly be taken out by the morning. Sunday looks wonderful also as we don’t really get into the heavy DPVA until around 6Z Monday (1:00 AM Monday). But that’s well beyond the forecast timeline so we won’t have to worry about that at all.

700 mb

Upward Vertical Velocities stay fairly neutral or slightly negative throughout the whole forecast period. Once again, another ingredient to add to the pot that will create the perfect environment for a beautiful Super Bulldog Weekend. Needless to say, this is turning out to be the easiest forecast yet here on Maroon and White Nation. Not even the small bit of DPVA that was starting to be hinted at during the 500 mb analysis is showing up on UVVs which is good news as far as this weekend is concerned.

850 mb

Goodness, I haven’t seen this boring of a 850 mb map in a long time. The temperature advection is non-existent for as far as the eye can see. Which means a stable atmosphere and a set up that will end up being beautiful for us here in Starkville. Also, Relative Humidity values stay low with the only peaks being overnight which is expected with a temperature drop and related closing of the gap between air temperature and dew point temperature. But once we hit sunrise, those relative humidity values go down pretty far.


As we look as the surface values throughout the period, Sunday looks to be are warmest day with us hitting well into the upper-70’s. Dewpoints peak just below 60 degrees which will keep it below the uncomfortably humid threshold. Winds also stay consistently out of the South which will keep us from having those cold periods with high winds. So it’s looking like we might have one of the most beautiful Super Bulldog Weekend years that I’ve seen in a long time.

Numbers you want to know


First pitch (6:30 PM CDT): 64 degrees, clear, winds S at 5-10 mph.

Last out (9:30 PM CDT): 59 degrees, clear, winds S at 5-10 mph.


Old Cotton Mill 5K Start (8:00 AM CDT): 57 degrees, clear, winds S at 5-10 mph.

Pre-Spring Game (11:00 AM CDT): 70 degrees, clear, winds S at 10-15 mph.

Pre-Baseball Game (2:00 PM CDT): 74 degrees, clear, winds S at 10-15 mph.

Post-Baseball Game (5:00 PM CDT): 69 degrees, clear, winds S around 10 mph.

Mid-concert (8:00 PM CDT): 66 degrees, clear, winds S at 5-10 mph.

Post-concert (11:00 PM CDT): 62 degrees, clear, winds S at 5-10 mph.


First pitch (1:30 PM CDT): 76 degrees, clear, winds S at 15-20 mph.

Last out (4:30 PM CDT): 75 degrees, clear, winds S at 15-20 mph.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment below or tweet me at @Norwoodwx and I will answer you as soon as possible. Also, if anything new pops up as far as potentially changing our weather situation (doubtful) then I will give updates there. Thank you for reading!