MSU Baseball Forecast: Golden Eagle Edition


Dave Weaver-USA TODAY Sports

Well it’s that time of year again. That time when we finally head down to Pearl, MS to face off against the Golden Eagles of Southern Miss. First pitch is set for 6:35 PM CDT so we will do the three hour period of the game from 6:35 PM to 9:35 PM. Today we will look at the GFS, or Global Forecast System, on . So let’s get right to it.

Looking at the 250 mb level, we have an upper level trough that will move through the Pearl area around game time. If this turns out to be true as far as timing is concerned, this could spell good news for us as far as weather is concerned. If this holds up, we will have clear skies and most likely some Northerly component of the wind. So let’s move on.

At 500 mb, we have a little bit of DPVA moving through our area which will generate some uplift and cloud cover. So this is getting a little confusing as far as what the atmosphere would like to do with this system, but we will get some clarity around the end of this discussion. If this keeps the timing that the GFS is indicating, we will miss the rain that will most likely come before.

Looking on down the atmosphere at 700 mb, UVVs clear out about 3-6 hours before game time. This spells good news for us, as far as weather is concerned. Beforehand, however, we do have a nice little UVV maximum that runs through Pearl. But, luckily for us, we won’t have to worry about that!

At 850 mb, we are looking at the temperatures to determine whether or not we have any temperature advection (WAA/CAA). Luckily for us, we have no temperature advection in our area which makes the skies much more stable than before.

So to the part of the models that all of you are concerned about, the surface. The GFS shows the precipitation moving out of the area right before first pitch. Temperatures will decrease, as expected, as the night goes on. Not very much, however, so don’t worry about breaking out the coats. But I would bring a jacket and wear some jeans.

Numbers you want to know

First pitch (6:30 PM CDT): 59 degrees, mostly cloudy, winds NW at 10-15 mph (From LF to RF), chance of rain: 10%.

Last out (9:30 PM CDT): 54 degrees, decreasing clouds, winds NNW at 5-10 mph (Blowing in from LF), chance of rain: 0%.