Spring Practice Wish List: Offensive Line


Sept 15, 2012; Troy, AL, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs offensive lineman Dillon Day (63) prior to the game against the Troy Trojans at Veterans Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Spring Practice started March 18. The Bulldogs will start their preparation for the 2014 football season and it ends on April 12 with the Spring game, the marquee event of Super Bulldog Weekend. Mississippi State is poised to have one of their best seasons in 2014, but there are a number of things that need to be developed to get the most out of this team as possible. Today we look at the Offensive Line.

While the skill positions get all the glory on an offense, there probably isn’t a more important unit to the success of an offense than the Offensive Line. We have an experienced, veteran laden group coming back in 2014 which is good for Bulldog fans. There are still some things I hope we see happen this spring though.

Replace Gabe Jackson and Charles Siddoway: It is going to be tough to replace these two rocks that were on the Offensive Line. Jackson will definitely be drafted, the only thing that remains in doubt is which round he will go in. Siddoway has a good chance to get drafted as well. They will be tough to replace. The good news is that the coaching staff has been focusing heavily on the defensive and offensive line recently when it comes to recruiting, so there are a number of candidates who can fill the void. Rufus Warren was recently moved from TE to OL, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see Warren get a lot of playing time to see what he can do to help out on the OL.

Figure out Damien Robinson: Just like Nick James, Damien Robinson is currently a bust. The difference between the two players though is James has three years of eligibility left, and Robinson only has one. When Robinson was signed out of Olive Branch, there was a lot expected out of the highly rated prospect. He hasn’t come close to living up to the hype. With Siddoway and Jackson leaving, it would be a perfect time for him to show what he is capable of this Spring and make a difference on next year’s team.

Determine the Anchor: Last year, when the Bulldogs needed to get a few yards, Prescott almost always got behind Gabe Jackson and plowed ahead for the yardage that he needed. The coaching staff needs to determine who that is going to be this year. The likely candidates are the returning starters Dillon Day, Ben Beckwith, and Blaine Clausell. Those three are going to be counted on to be the strongest members of the offensive line. One of them needs to step up this spring and show that they want to be the rock the coaching staff can rely on when they have to have a couple of yards.

We are losing some talent, but I think we have tons of talent stockpiled on the Offensive Line. The coaches have made the Big Uglies a priority over the last couple of years, and I believe it will pay off with one of our best seasons in 2014.