Hugh Freeze Has Players Selling Dope?


These are some screen shots taken from the Ole Miss team page of the SEC Rant message board. The moderators quickly deleted the post, but not before a fellow Bulldog got his hands on them.

This first post is in reference to former LSU QB signee, turned Northwest CC defensive end, now Ole Miss enrollee (and member of the 2014 class) Jeremy Liggins:

According to that poster he may or may not have purchased marijuana from Liggins. Disturbing.

This next post is from someone claiming to have bought marijuana from Brishen Matthews – an Ole Miss player from 2010-13, playing under Freeze for two years.

Well, if that wasn’t enough we get more confirmation.

To translate for us all:

Are these statements true? I have no idea. These people are clearly stoners, so who knows. But it doesn’t speak much for Coach Freeze’s squeaky clean program. Hopefully these folks can get some help.