MSU vs. OM, 3 Major Sports, Last 20 Years


Well of course the Rebs ate that one up. Just put together what looks like a 3-year span but only includes one football game and one baseball series while splitting three home and homes in basketball and you’ve got a nice little stat.

How about we take some nice round numbers and see who has dominated who.

Last 10 Seasons

Football: MSU leads 6-4

  • Ole Miss leads 4-1 in Oxford
  • MSU leads 5-0 in Starkville

Basketball: MSU leads 13-7

  • Ole Miss leads 6-4 in Oxford
  • MSU leads 9-1 in Starkville

Baseball: Ole Miss leads 26-16

  • Ole Miss leads 9-6 in Oxford
  • Ole Miss leads 10-5 in Starkville
  • Ole Miss leads 6-4 in Governor’s Cup
  • Tied 1-1 in SEC Tournament

Last 20 Seasons

Football: MSU leads 11-9

  • Ole Miss leads 6-4 in Oxford
  • MSU leads 7-3 in Starkville

Basketball: MSU leads 27-14

  • Ole Miss 12-8 in Oxford
  • MSU leads 18-2 in Starkville
  • MSU leads 1-0 in SEC Tournament

Baseball: MSU leads 48-39

  • MSU leads 18-12 in Oxford
  • Tied 15-15 in Starkville
  • Ole Miss leads 11-9 in Governor’s Cup
  • MSU leads 6-1 in SEC Tournament

I think it’s pretty clear which athletic program has been better in the three major sports over the last 20 years. Here are the accomplishments:

  • Bowl games: Ole Miss leads 10-9
  • Winning seasons: Ole Miss leads 12-10
  • SEC West championships: MSU leads 1-0
  • NCAA Tournament appearances: MSU leads 8-6
  • Sweet 16 appearances: MSU leads 2-1
  • Final Four appearances: MSU leads 1-0
  • SEC regular season championships: MSU leads 1-0
  • SEC Tournament championships: MSU leads 3-1
  • Regional appearances: MSU leads 14-13
  • College World Series appearances: MSU leads 4-0
  • SEC regular season championships: Ole Miss leads 1-0
  • SEC Tournament championships: MSU leads 3-1

We could go back further, and if we did Ole Miss would catch up in football to lead 16-14 after 30 years. In basketball MSU would only gain with their SEC championship in 1991, and the Bulldogs are 27-3 vs. Ole Miss at the Hump in that time. In baseball it’s not even close as MSU’s golden era was 1984-1993 while OM was toiling in mediocrity not making a Regional once.

But hey, Ole Miss did win a lot more parties during this time period. They needed something to drown their sorrows.