Strong Rumor: Geoff Collins linked to FSU D.C. Job


If you’ve followed me for any amount of time you know I love to grind an axe. Well giving Geoff Collins an substantial raise has been my number one axe to grind for about a month now. I’ve said it AGAIN and AGAIN. There is no excuse for the kind of lousy and embarrassing salary Geoff Collins makes a the defensive coordinator at MSU.

Well now, after losing our offensive coordinator to become a position coach at Texas, we are in jeopardy of losing our D.C. as well.

This is ridiculous. All the hype, all the expectations – you can go ahead and cap our win total at 8 if we lose both coordinators. We can survive a strength coach. We can promote from within and figure out a way to withstand losing our O.C. for the last 5 years. But to add losing our D.C. on top of that? And the best D.C. we’ve had under Mullen? Yes, I said best – Diaz had 8 NFL players starting for him; Collins is the best.

I don’t care if Florida State won the national title or not. This shouldn’t even be a discussion right now. Collins made $291,000 in 2013. He was the lowest paid D.C. by almost $200,000 in the SEC. AGAIN, THAT IS EMBARRASSING, STRICKLIN. I don’t care about ‘experience’ or ‘why pay him more if he’ll do it for that’. That is stinkin’ thinkin’ as Yazoo City’s Zig Ziglar would say. If you want to be a SEC program you pay your assistants the going rate for their position.

Now we’ve got Collins out there on the line – looking for more work because we haven’t given him a reason to stay. Instead of making $500K this past year he was making an embarrassing amount. We haven’t been able to sign him to an extension since the season ended and look where we are. The first recruiting weekend and bam – looks like Geoff Collins’ future at MSU is in doubt.

If Florida State is willing to pay Collins at a level around $800,000 then well we just can’t afford that and so be it there’s nothing we can do. But we should’ve been paying him a competitive salary to begin with, and bumping him up to around $600K this year and he’d have no real reason to leave.

If we lose Collins for anything less than $750,000 I’m pinning this 100% on Stricklin. There are rumors that Strick gives the keys to the assistant coach’s salaries to Dan – well, I don’t care. He shouldn’t do that. Dan is cocky and thinks he can do everything himself. The buck stops at Stricklin’s desk. Keep Geoff Collins at State. Get. It. Done.