Ole Miss Assistant Coach Goes on Twitter Rampage Against MSU


On Friday night, Ole Miss defensive line coach Chris Kiffin decided to take to Twitter to discuss his feelings about the Egg Bowl rivalry. At 9:32 PM he tweeted, “I know we got beat fair and square but I don’t think we’ll ever lose to state again”.

I can’t embed the tweet because he deleted it. But I was able to acquire a screen shot.

Not capitalizing “State” was only the first of many insults. Kiffin then went on to argue with Mississippi State fans. Of course, he deleted all of those tweets as well. But oh the glory of screen shots…..

Again, this is the defensive line coach of Ole Miss. It shouldn’t come as any huge surprise though. In 2006 he was arrested when he broke into two vans and charged with stealing money and CDs.

And how about that Twitter avatar? It features Greg Hardy, Peria Jerry and Derrick Burgess in their NFL uniforms with NFL logos to the side. While these players were indeed standout defensive lineman for Ole Miss, Chris Kiffin did not coach them. In fact, he was getting arrested for breaking into vans while and after these players attended Ole Miss. But no surprise a coach from OM would use success he had nothing to do with as a recruiting tool.