What a GREAT Win!


Nov 28, 2013; Starkville, MS, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs quarterback Dak Prescott (15) celebrates after scoring a touchdown during overtime against the Mississippi Rebels at Davis Wade Stadium. Mississippi State Bulldogs defeat the Mississippi Rebels with a score of 17-10 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

What a great win for these seniors.  What a great win for the program.

In the past two weeks we’ve seen this team lift itself off the turf, bruised and hurting, and will its way to a victory.  A huge, momentum-shifting victory.  At this moment I don’t believe I could find enough adjectives to describe the toughness of this team.  Truly a defining example of what it means to “Fight for Mississippi State”.

Every single player wearing the Maroon and White (Gold) contributed to this win.  But with respect to all, here are a few individuals I wanted to share my thoughts on…

Tyler Russell.  He may not have been taking the snaps tonight, but he’s as big a reason we won as any  Gabe, Dak or Damien.  Last week he laid it all on the line and took all the shots.  There’s a reason why he was the lone captain on the field for the overtime coin toss.  He is as True Maroon as they come.

Dak Prescott.  He just has “It”.  The culmination of his young career found its place in MSU history tonight.  Overcoming personal, emotional, and physical obstacles to cement himself a legend in the eyes of the MSU faithful.  Legend.

Nickoe Whitley.  After suffering a crippling Achilles injury two seasons ago, we thought the hard hits and always-timely interceptions would only continue to exist in our memories.  That was until last week against Arkansas.  And again tonight.  He just makes ‘football plays.’

Gabe Jackson.  Now the active leader in consecutive starts in the NCAA. The anchor on the most vital unit of our offense.  All-American.  We’ll look forward to seeing you on Sundays, Gabe.

Taveze Calhoun.  Rod Walker called him the most under-valued high school football prospect he’d ever seen.  This year he’s certainly proven why he is deserving of such praise.  He had some big shoes to fill at the CB spot, but I think we can all agree that he’s up to the task.

And it wouldn’t be hate week without some words for our rival, Mississippi and Coach Freeze…

Welcome to failure.  You’re an Idaho, FCS-on-the-schedule ahead of us at this moment.  All the hype, all the fanfare of 2/1/13 left you with 7-5.

I won’t deny that the LSU victory was a huge win for your program, bigger than any MSU win this year.  But tonight you lost that to hang your hat on.  Tonight you backed your way into the Music City.  Tonight you lost in the most embarrassing way possible – Hope restored after a botched MSU field goal attempt.  Hope diminished after a 4th and 2 Dak Prescott touchdown.  Hope destroyed after a Bo Wallace fumble into the endzone.

No need here to fire any shots.  No need to let you know that Bo and Co. were absolutely handled by The Mayhem.  The Mississippi faithful couldn’t possibly be any lower than at this moment.  One couldn’t have scripted a more crushing conclusion.

Truth really is stranger than fiction.

Hail State, baby, Hail State.