Ole Miss Fan Site Attacks M&WN


When it comes to Ole Miss fans and the internet, it’s just a bad combination. They run around spewing their propaganda to MSU fans hoping something will stick. I happened to stop by Bulldog Blitz last night and saw an entire thread of Rebels trying to tell the tallest tale….on a Mississippi State site!

Hugh Freeze even had to step in this morning to stop the madness…

Then I see an Ole Miss fan blog lambasting Maroon and White Nation’s piece from Monday. Of course, they didn’t have the guts to mention @mandwnation when they tweeted the article in the middle of the night.

But if you link one of our articles, we will see it. And if it’s completely off-base, you will be rebuked.

First off, Ole Miss Blog dot com, nice use of the phrase “facts and statics” not once but four times in your article. This is in obvious reference to our ‘About Us’ page in which we say the goal of M&WN is to offer articles backed by facts and statistics. Let’s take to the dictionary:

Statistics – the science that deals with the collection, classification, analysis, and interpretation of numerical facts or data.

Statics – pertaining to or characterized by a fixed or stationary condition.

Hmmmm, a little difference there, huh? Man, Oxford folks are so smart! I figure once they see this they will edit their article, so I took a screenshot of a couple.

On to the content of their critique.

First they get into Kalio Moore. Here is what they had to say…

"It has to start with 4 star in-state running back Kalio Moore. Moore had narrowed his commitment choices down to Ole Miss and Mississippi State before National Signing Day. Mississippi State was highly confident Moore would join the Bulldogs. Then, Moore shocked Starkville when he signed with the Rebels. This enraged Mississippi State fans."

“Shocked Starkville”? “Enraged Mississippi State fans”? Ha – that is laughable. WE ALL KNEW IT WAS COMING. Seriously, was there anyone surprised by this? He was committed to Ole Miss, then flipped to MSU, then waffled for months, then went back to Ole Miss. No MSU recruiting fan thought he was anything more than 50/50 committed to State.

And did OM cheat to get him. Well, you be the judge…

Item number two – Ole Miss’ recruitment of Chris Jones. First CBS reports it on Sunday, then USA Today joins in on Tuesday night. There is no question – Ole Miss is under investigation. And, M&WN doesn’t know anything other than what is being reported? Ha. If we were just casual fans then why would we have an entire website devoted to Mississippi State sports? Why? I think we know a little more than just what’s been put out for mass consumption.

Finally, they take to ONE single MSU fan who decided for voice his (or her, name is Kam so not sure) displeasure with the article, and assume that means EVERY State fan disagreed or did not concur with the article. Well considering that we hardly ever get any comments on our articles but all three we got on that article were positive, or the 383 ‘likes’ it got on the Facebook button, or the over four thousand page views it got, which is well over double of a normal day – well, you get the point.

Are we unprofessional? Heck, I don’t know – I’m not really a writer. Each one of us has a computer and fingers to type with, and our credentials are the degree from Mississippi State University which hangs on the wall. We simply keep up with every detail of MSU athletics and are so gung-ho about it we are willing to maintain a blog, hopefully for the enjoyment of the fans – State fans.

Please, spare me the Rebel BS. I have never, and will never go searching the internet to see what Ole Miss is saying. I don’t care. It boggles my mind to know how obsessed they are with us that they raid our message boards, write blog posts about MSU blog posts and attacks us on Twitter. For a group that says they are “not worried” and “only care about this rivalry the week of”, their obsession can only make you laugh it’s so bad. Hopefully they will heed their coach’s advice, and back off.

Hail State.