Twitter Shows Some Writers' True Colors


Mississippi State was able to beat Auburn on Saturday, 74-71 in overtime. The win made MSU 4-14 in the SEC on the year, and kept them out of last place as Auburn finished 3-15. Perhaps a lot of bets were settled with this game as it gave Rick Ray’s squad 9 wins, and a lot of folks didn’t think they could eclipse the football team in that column. The team also has a legitimate shot at 10 wins on the year as they play a rubber game with South Carolina on Day 1 of the SEC Tournament – who thought that was possible two weeks ago?

Shortly after the game ended, Rick Ray tweeted the following in response to ESPN blogger Eamonn Brennan saying MSU was the worst team in SEC history a few weeks ago:

It’s fine that Brennan said that because he’s entitled to his opinion. But what this is about is the twitter response Rick Ray received from a writer for the Commercial Appeal and, Ron Higgins…

So, this guy who uses his twitter account to communicate professionally, decided to attack Rick Ray – unprovoked.

People call out coaches all the time on twitter, and that’s fine if it’s what you want to do. But when your job is to cover sports – SEC sports – and you go after a SEC coach, that crosses the line.

Clearly this is just an attempt to tear down the accomplishments, however small they may be, MSU has achieved. But why should we be surprised coming from Memphis?

On Tuesday night, Columbus Dispatch MSU beat reporter Matthew Stevens decided he’d throw out a slight in Brandon Woodruff’s direction. I’d embed it on here but he blocked me for calling him out on it. Actually, he blocked everyone who called him out because he’s such as wuss. This is what he said:

"Current line for Mississippi State RHP Brandon Woodruff: 0.1 IP, H, R, BB, 0 K in 12 pitches w/ runners on 1st and 3rd. #MLBDraft"

So, after Woodruff has a terrible outing and Cohen gave him the quick hook, he makes sure to hashtag MLB Draft. It doesn’t really matter that he did this – it won’t effect Brandon Woodruff, but it does let us know how he really feels about MSU.

Stevens tried to backtrack and threw out some #MLBDraft tweets when State players did well, but we know his intentions. He did the same thing for Jacob Lindgren on Friday night after he left due to an injury and only 9 pitches. Why? Because he has issues.

Stevens has been known to come up with some really stupid stuff. He is still the only one saying Will Redmond received a Mustang in exchange for signing a letter of intent to play at Mississippi State. He doesn’t like MSU, and he thinks Mississippians are dumb – that much comes through very clearly. He is just supposed to report the news, maybe give an opinion or two. But what else would you expect from a carpetbagger?

Some of these writers are pretty pathetic. Do your job to report on sports, not bring down Mississippi State.