Sunday Morning QB- Pigs in a Blanket edition


Big win yesterday for the Dawgs 45-14.

1. Dawgs win, Bears lose, BCS chaos, and a big pot of my famous gumbo. Can a Saturday really be any better than that?

2. We ran a draw for the 2nd week in a row. Big 3rd down run for us for a 1st down. Look at us, we are becoming a normal passing offense.

3. After playing LSU in which we threw quicker passes, we reverted back to our old selves and threw the longer routes. This of course allowed Tyler to be sacked and hit many times yesterday. If we do that crap this coming Saturday, we will have to give the trophy back. Tyler has got to stop holding the ball so damn long- it’s ok to throw it away sometimes and move on to the next play. We have Tyler Roethlisberger playing QB.

4. Both TD passes to Perkins was the same play that LSU used to score on us right before the end of the 1st half last week. It’s good to see us learn from Les Miles. Both passes were solid throws but were really good catches by Perkins. I have been clamoring for us to use him more in the passing game- thank you Coaches.

5. We have had some red zone struggles this year, but thankfully UPig is not very good defensively. We formationed them in the 2nd Q and Tyler got an easier throw to Bumphis for a TD. That was a big TD before half, especially considering Arceto’s fumble. That was our 1st chance to put them away and make them quit. We score right there and they might not have even come out for the 2nd half. Just loaded up the bus and taken off to go back home. Fortunately they quit in the 3rd for us.

6. Good to see Nick Griffin coming along. I was one of the people that had written him off early in the season. But he appears fully healed now and playing with lots of confidence. He runs hard and is good in pass protection. I wish he would be our 1st and 2nd down back for the most part, and use Perkins on 3rd down and long passing situations. With all the talent we have at RB, specializing somewhat would be a good idea. Another note- after Griffin’s TD run- Josh Robinson was the first guy to give him a hug. That speaks volumes about our team chemistry.

7. UPig’s 1st TD to Cobi Hamilton wasn’t anything special. He lined up as the slot WR and just ran the seam vs a Cover 2. Wilson put the pass where it had to be- over the LB and on time so the Safety (Whitley) couldn’t get there. We’re not a very good Cover 2 team. Somebody doesn’t teach it well, because we have the people in the Secondary that should be able to handle it.

8. We did the same thing to UPig that we did to Tennessee. We invited them to run the football and did all we could to take away the pass. There were times we ran a 3-man front with no LB’ers in the middle of the field. That’s living dangerously, but it worked on Saturday. You won’t be seeing any of that this coming Saturday

9. Senior Day….Nick Bell’s Sr Day at that, and our student section was pathetic. That’s inexcusable. I think the athletic office needs to consider cutting about a thousand tickets from the students and make them available to people that want them. We have one of the highest student ticket rates in the SEC, and being that our stadium only holds 55K, it would be wise to trim the fat there. Those bottom level seats could be put to much better use with people that want them and will pay for them.

10. It’s Egg Bowl Week. The most wonderful time of the year. We have won 3 in a row. This Senior Class has a chance to sweep the Bears for the first time since the 1939-1942 Senior Class. This is a special chance for this group. Not only do we have a chance to do something our school hasn’t done for 70 years, but we also get the pleasure of crushing their bowl hopes. We get to crush their soul. They want to beat us as bad as they ever have right now. They will play their ass off. I hate those @$^T*&% bastards and I want this game more than any I’ve wanted in the last 4 seasons. They need it badly and so do we. Anybody needing inspiration for this game, here it is:

In Mullen We Trust,