SEC Résumé Rankings – Week 8


Here are last week’s rankings.

1. Florida – The Gators have far and away the best résumé right now. They are 6-0 in the SEC with wins over A&M, UT and Vandy on the road, LSU and South Carolina at home…that’s two top 10 wins and three top 25 wins.

2. Alabama – The Tide remain undefeated and now sit alone atop the SEC West, 1/2 game ahead of MSU. The meat of their conference schedule starts this week, as of now they’ve played teams with a combined 3-12 record. The Michigan win remains a decent one, but nothing like Florida has. I’d be tempted to say LSU has a better résumé but Bama has looked solid every week with no games in doubt.

3. LSU – After trailing A&M early they found a way to win. They may look bad, but Les Miles always finds a way to be in it late, and most of the time they win. Wins over S. Carolina and at College Station sit them at number three despite their loss in Gainesville.

4. Mississippi State – The Bulldogs are undefeated and that is what has them in the top 30% of the SEC. Non-conference wins over three Sun Belt teams, one FCS, and SEC teams with a combined 0-14 record are what is keeping folks from jumping on the bandwagon and vaulting to the top with the other undefeated teams. They’ll have their chance this weekend, however.

5. South Carolina – The loss to Florida was very disappointing, but their defense did play well despite UF’s 44 points as they gave up less than 300 yards. They were put through one of the most difficult stretches anyone in the nation will have to face the last 3 weeks and they didn’t make it without getting bit a couple of times. Not out of the woods just yet – Tennessee next week.

6. Georgia – Not only is their 35-7 beatdown at the hands of the Gamecocks keeping them here, but their performance vs. a horrible Kentucky team this week is as well. UGA’s defense is a mystery, and they have gone from a top 5 team to middle of the road in October.

7. Texas A&M – Johnny Football came back to earth this week after facing a real defense. This may be a recurring theme from here on out (except vs. Auburn and Mizzou). This is a good team but they really haven’t beaten anybody of significance….but they’ve also played some good teams tightly.

8. Vanderbilt – The Commodores got their 2nd win this week and they’ve got a shot at a few more. Zac Stacy broke the school record for rushing yards vs. Auburn. A game vs. UMass this week will give them a shot to even their record to 4-4.

9. Mississippi – Coming off a bye week they’ll head to Arkansas next week. Still only one SEC win but they’ve been competitive in every game but Texas.

10. Arkansas – After a couple of bounce back weeks they had a bye before Ole Miss. Where is this team? Who are they? It will be interesting to see this coming weekend.

11. Tennessee – Another loss, this time a beatdown from Alabama. Derek Dooley can pretty much start packing after not even making it competitive.

12. Missouri – Look out, Mizzou will be shooting for their first SEC win vs. Kentucky next week. If they can’t get it, well, I think we’ll all have a good laugh.

Battle for last place….Auburn vs. Kentucky

Both are 1-6 (0-5). Auburn beat a Sun Belt team at home in overtime, UK lost to one at home in overtime. UK stomped Kent State who is 6-1 this year, 1st place in the MAC. Auburn held LSU close, only losing 12-10….UK held Georgia close. Both got beat by Arkansas who has looked awful in every other game they’ve played. Both were soundly beaten by Mississippi State. It’s hard to decide. They both suck.

SEC Standings


Alabama, 4-0
Mississippi State, 3-0
LSU, 3-1
Texas A&M, 2-2
Arkansas, 2-2
Mississippi, 1-2
Auburn, 0-5


Florida, 6-0
Georgia, 4-1
South Carolina, 4-2
Vanderbilt, 2-3
Missouri, 0-4
Tennessee, 0-4
Kentucky, 0-5

Week 9 features a couple of really big matchups. The world’s largest outdoor cocktail party will decide the SEC East. If Florida wins they will clinch the division with only a game vs. Missouri remaining. If Georgia wins they will hold the tie-breaker and be one game ahead of USC with only Ole Miss and Auburn remaining. And the top two teams in the West face off in Tuscaloosa…MSU vs. Bama. Everyone thought it would come down to Alabama at LSU, and it may still, but this game will be played first and State has a real chance to throw get ahead and find themselves on the lead lap.