Sunday Morning QB- 7-and-ohhhhh edition


Here we go:

1. Shame on everyone except Dan Mullen for the lack of intensity yesterday. Nobody was fired up at the tailgates. Nobody was fired up in the lockerroom. Very few were fired up in the stands before the game. Even the scalpers were lackadaisical. Letdown game and a letdown effort in the 1st half.

2. We were determined to come out and run the football. Perkins got more than his share of the load early, getting 13-14 carries before the 1st Q was over. We even ran the ball 6 straight plays on the first drive. Obvious gameplan to wear them down- and it worked. Especially once we turned up the intensity.

3. Josh Robinson payed the price for going the wrong way on our 3rd drive of the evening. 2nd and 8 from the MTSU 15 yd line, Robinson went the wrong way and Tyler had to eat it for a 2 yd loss. Ended up forcing us into a FG that Bell missed. What happens to RB’s that go the wrong way? You get 4th teams reps at the end of the game behind our worst offensive linemen.

4. Damien Robinson was getting some reps at RT, didnt move his feet, and got beat badly off the edge. The DE hits Tyler, forcing a fumble that we lost. This led to a chain reaction of Mullen chewing everyone’s ass on the sideline- starting with Robinson. Mullen even left the sideline to go chew on the guys sitting back there on the bench getting instruction. I imagine halftime sounded something like this. (if strong language offends you- dont click link)

5. The development of our QB’s under Mullen has really been a thing of beauty to watch. The way Mullen was able to get all he could out of Chris Relf was a minor miracle in itself. But watching the development of actual QB’s in Russell and Prescott is pure pleasure. Russell has matured and is really throwing the ball with outstanding accuracy. He may hold it a little long at times and still struggles throwing the deep ball some, but he is having an outstanding year to this point. He really does a good job off putting the ball where it has to be. Prescott has matured alot in just the last 6 months. In the Spring Game, you saw a QB with tons of talent that was worrying about footwork, arm slot, and all kinds of mechanics instead of playing football. Last night, you saw a QB that is much more fundamentally sound throwing strikes to his WR’s. Dak is more relaxed and smooth throwing the football now, and it doesnt hurt that he has a hand-cannon for a right arm. If Cord Sandberg makes it to campus, Mississippi State will be as good on the QB chart as anybody in the SEC, if not better. Something none of us have ever witnessed before.

6. Why dont we start Quay Evans? He is disruptive when he in the game. He still needs work getting off blocks, but live reps in games help more than anything. He penetrates and disrupts more than any DT we have- including Boyd. On a roll out away from him, Quay pursued down the line and ended up covering the RB that had slipped out of the backfield and made the tackle on a dump pass. He needs to be on the field.

7. Our DL has been underwhelming to say the least. Boyd has been disappointing, Autry isnt bad but all the talk of him being one and done is long gone. We are going to have to cook up something special for Bammer to slow them down because our DL wont match-up well on their own. Watch this group closely in the 1st Q vs Bammer- that will tell you we will fare against them next Saturday night.

8. Who else got really quiet besides me when Banks went down? Damnnnnnnnn. That would have put a big damper on the rest of the season. I’m glad they hid his helmet from him and told him he couldnt return to be on the safe side as well.

9. Welcome back Cam Lawrence. It’s been a solid but quiet year for him now that he has 2 very talented LB’s playing beside him. Nice sack and forced fumble to lead to a score.

10. Wellllllllll, this coming Saturday is what we have been waiting for. I knew before the season we’d be here, and it’s finally arrived. We have a monumental task ahead of us- but we are healthy, experienced, and ready to go. Our defensive front is going to be the key in the game. They have to play better than they have all season long. I’m sure we are meeting after church today to start the planning and developing some schemes to cause them problems. AS Bart Scott say “Can’t Wait!!!!”

In Mullen We Trust,