Game Preparation for Bulldog Fans


This weekend is huge! As pumped up as everyone was for the Auburn game, this is bigger, and there’s a big weekend in Starkville for all Bulldog fans to enjoy.

We’ve seen MSU play the last month or so as almost a sleepwalking team. There has been criticism from the fans, media and coaches for their lack of focus and intensity. But by the same token, it is very difficult to reach the emotional and mental peaks every week, and frankly, MSU didn’t need to get sky high for Troy, South Alabama or Kentucky. But this weekend Tennessee comes to town. They may be 3-2 but those losses were to top quality teams. UT is Mississippi State’s equal right now, and they will need every ounce of what they’ve got to win this tough SEC football game.

The game is at night – 8:00, and Davis Wade will be rocking. We saw what kind of lift the crowd can give a team last week as the South Carolina faithful made Williams-Brice into a death trap for Georgia. The crowd was loud, the players were pumped, and USC absolutely blew the doors off UGA. It would be great if State fans could bring that kind of intensity to this game.

We need the players to be prepared and focused, so we’ll have to do the same. My first piece of advice would be to enjoy Friday night and stay up late. There’s something for everyone. If you’ve got kids you’ll definitely want to treat them to “Pumpkinpalooza” on Friday night in downtown Starkville. It starts at 6:00 with a pep rally and then transitions into “Maroon Madness” – the kickoff to basketball season. There are also some other great things to take part in, check out that link for more info.

The reason I say stay up late on Friday is because of the game time Saturday night. It’s an abnormally late kickoff time so you’ll want to be full-throat until close to midnight….might as well stay up late and sleep in Saturday morning – it will be a long day.

So after you’ve caught some zzz’s you may want to head over to Dudy Noble for some of the Diamond Dawg’s fall scrimmage. It’s the Alumni Weekend for baseball and more than 50 former players will be playing a 3-inning game at 1:00. Then the current Bulldogs will have their fall practice scrimmage at 2:15. Admission is free.

Then, of course, the big game at 8:00. Remember the east side wears maroon, west side wears white.

It should be a great time for everyone coming to Starkville this weekend. It’s a huge game and MSU has a chance to be 6-0 and headed to great things this year. If the fans bring their ‘A’ game I think the players will too. And don’t forget – win or lose – don’t get too crazy or too depressed, just enjoy it with your friends an family, and take pride in OUR STATE.

Hail State!