Sunday Morning QB- Domination of Auburn edition


I must apologize in advance, as I am in Dallas this weekend and was unable to watch the game in coach-mode. I had to suffer and watch the game from a Sportsbar like a fan. At least the refreshments were cold. I’ll post a few things here, and then I’ll get more into the X’s and O’s with Todd on the show Wednesday for your listening pleasure.

1. Great win. Can we stop with the Mullen cant beat a West team besides Mississippi now? I’m curious to see what the Bears come up with next?

2. We have to keep handling business, but Gameday could be a possibility for the Tennessee game. Other choices that week are Stanford-Notre Dame and LSU-SC. SC plays Georgia the week before in an elimination game, so who knows. Just something to think about.

3. The adjustments we made at halftime show you just how well-coached we are.

4. Brewster’s a fiery guy- I like that. He grabbed Mullen at the end and you could see both men were as happy as someone could be. You can see he is glad to be back coaching- and I hope he sticks around a couple of years.

5. We have a top 10 level defense in the nation. We have alot of players that we can mix and match out there to give people fits. We can easily play 18-19 players on defense without any fear in the level of play dropping off. That’s huge.

6. Lots of overreaction on how good the offense is at this point. The difference yesterday was DEFENSE. Let’s remember that Tyler only threw for 27 more yards than Relf did against Auburn last year- not to mention we had 150 more yards of offense last season. The offense is indeed more balanced and should fare better in big games- but we still have alot of work to do. When teams start locking up man on us when we go 5-wide and bring blitzes off the edge- then we will see what this offense is made of. Van Gorder did it the last time and either got a sack or incompletion- cant remember which- will check that out later tonight.

7. How about that OL huh? Anybody doubting me now that we are improved there? We did a very good job of protecting- a couple of times Russell held it too long. He just needs to throw it away and let’s go to the next play.

8. Nice job by Marcus Green of recovering after that drop on the 1st drive. We did a great job on the seam pass for his 1st TD. Split that Cover 2 right down the middle. Hopefully we’ll get Malcolm Johnson back before too long and really exploit dual-safety coverages (man under 2 deep or straight 2 deep zone)

9. Deonte Skinner and Matt Wells are two very damn good defensive players for us.

10. We unveiled Dak in the “Tebow package” on 4th down and converted. I love it. Put the talented rookie in a big situation and he handled it well. Stop putting Tubby back there and getting 5 yard penalties. Use Dak for all that- and we will be better for it when all is said and done. Use Tubby for other trick plays to get him involved.