The Dirty Panda Soapbox


It’s laughable the type of response and mentality you find among a portion of the MSU fan base.  By that I mean people thinking that, based our performance against JSU, say we are at best a 6-6, MAYBE 7-5 team if we’re lucky.

We may very well end up at 7-5 or 6-6, but it won’t be because we aren’t talented enough.  It’s so easy to read through these people’s transparent psyche.  Sure it sucks to have high hopes and be let down (meaning, hoping to win 8 or 9 and only winning 7 including a bowl game), but I don’t want to be a wimp. I expect to win every single game we play, regardless of the opponent.  There is a reason why we play the game.

It’s like these people are justifying it to themselves by saying we won’t be any good. It’s laughable.  As if it’s a great fault to buy all in and believe with all your heart that we’ll be competitive and then be wrong.  That’s a poor mentality to have – to sell yourself short or not compete based on the preconceived notion that you won’t win.

Obviously we play to win the game, but there is absolutely no shame in putting 100% heart into your final product and losing.

These people seriously say these things because they don’t want to be let down.  They don’t seriously believe in their hearts that we won’t win the game, they do this because they’re afraid.  Kind of like…

Meeting a super hot, cool girl that might like you, but you tell all your friends she’s not that hot and she’s no good so you blow her off. Why?  Because you’re afraid that if you put yourself out there she won’t like you back.  So what?  That’s what a wimp does. They don’t compete, because they’re too afraid to lose.

Who cares if you’ve been let down before. Show some confidence in your team, and some pride in Mississippi State.


This week’s prisoner of the moment goes to everyone saying UT is a legit East contender. They may very well be, but beating the #5 best team in the ACC by two scores doesn’t substantiate that claim.  I commend them for actually playing an BCS opponent when pretty much everyone else wasn’t, but it isn’t like they went to Morgantown or Eugene.  If you put NC State in the SEC and re-ranked based on power, who would you put behind them?  Only Ole Miss and UK.  Every other SEC team should beat them on a neutral field, and I would say the OM game would be a -3.5 to NC State, so not much of an edge if any.