New Uniform Color: Silver? Concept Idea and More


There’s been some hinting about new football jerseys being revealed this year. We already know State will wear white against Texas A&M to commemorate the “Snow Bowl” of 2000 (road team usually wears white). What other changes could be made?

Rocky Vaughan aka Chillbillydawg (@RockyVaughan) tweeted out a mock-up of his best guess…

We think these look pretty good and hope the MSU and Adidas version will be similar. Its hard to tell but it looks like we will use a Silver outline around the M State on helmet. This image was tweeted by the MSU equipment twitter account last week.

You can clearly see the silver around the logo and matte maroon color the team wore in a few games last year. We have been told this will be the full time helmet for next year but MSU athletic director Scott Stricklin is always trying new ideas to help market Mississippi State.

This would not be the first time Mississippi State has worn silver. The color was used as a road uniform back in the Rocky Felker era. You can see it here in this youtube video from a road game at Tennessee.

As we said we also know State will be wearing a special uniform for the snow bowl reunion vs Texas A&M next year. This is another idea Chillybillydawg came up with for that game.

This design was in an article on where the author asked MSU media director, Mike Nemeth, about using the old interlocking M-S-U logo from the Jackie Sherril era in the snow bowl reunion game to which he said no but

"We may do a special uniform for that game, but it won’t be a throwback to the 2000 uniform"

Texas A&M as most of you know have the same Maroon and White team colors as us. What also is interesting is that they also wear Adidas. We have been told that MSU, Texas A&M, the SEC and Adidas have all been working together to come up slight differences on uniform ideas for the two schools. Back in January, De’Vante Harris, a Texas A&M incoming freshman, tweeted that head coach Kevin Sumlin told him Texas A&M is getting new uniforms for next year.

So its been confirmed that Mississippi State and Texas A&M will have new uniforms from sources close to both programs but how will they be different? From above you can see we will use parts of silver in our uniforms next year so you would have to assume Texas A&M won’t. If the schools and Adidas have been working together you would think it would be a different color. Texas A&M has used gray pants in the past so that may be an option but gray is a pretty close in comparison to silver.

The opposite has actually been rumored that Texas A&M will be going away from gray and using shades of brown which is interesting to say the least. Only time will tell but it’s something interesting to talk about until the season starts.