Dirty Panda Reflects on Burning Issues


With great anticipation towards the season, it is easy to forget that while MSU is getting better, other teams are getting better as well. One of the main reasons LSU’s defense is so dominant is because of John Chavis, their defensive coordinator. Don’t discount coaching. Not only are the best athletes in the SEC, but the best coaches are too. But, those coaches leave, and when they do they often leave a gap in production even when a good coach comes in (like when Bo Pelini left and Chavis came in). State has to be ready to seize the day when that happens and take full advantage.

LSU’s defensive line dominated in the game Thursday night. But State had replaced a couple of offensive lineman due to injuries so that had something to do with it. The biggest difference between the two teams was overall speed at the skill positions. MSU has done a good job developing players from the time they get on campus to become much better in order to compete in the SEC. But you can’t teach speed. State needs to find a way to recruit some elite speed.

A lot of people are upset with Tyler Russell. First, they are upset he was put into the LSU game with the outcome still in doubt. Well, kind of in doubt. Don’t necessarily agree with putting him in the game, he was cold and at least Relf had been looking at that LSU defense for three and a half quarters. But let’s calm down on the Tyler Russell isn’t any good talk. How good was Chris Relf in his sophomore season? I would say Russell is farther along at this point in his career than Relf. Russell will improve, give him a break.

That’s enough about how Mullen is 2-9 against the SEC West, can’t beat the big boys. This is only his third year! State has been down so long, the tendency is to what to win big…now. And while that can happen, there is no need to be impatient when it doesn’t happen. You can’t always take one step forward, sometimes you have to take one step back and then two steps forward.

Can you believe Mississippi State hung right with LSU for three and a half quarters? Well, of course you can. But, if I had asked you that 5, 6 years ago…what would you say? And be sure to mention that LSU had the best defense in the country…filled with NFL talent and they were just coming off a victory of the #4 team in the country. It’s not so bad, in fact, it’s great. MSU is competing very well! And soon, if we can all stay behind Dan Mullen and the team, State will become a champion!