Orlando Sentinel writer suggests MS schools should be kicked out of SEC

Well I can’t say that I’m surprised about this. Orlando Sentinel writer Mike Bianchi released an article June 6, 2014 entitled “SEC should dump Mississippi schools, add UCF and USF” that has taken the internet by storm. It all started after UCF Football Head Coach George O’Leary was quoted as saying, “They sound like the South during the Civil War” when Mike Slive came out threatening to leave the NCAA if a vote for autonomy for the “Big-5″ conferences was not passed during the NCAA meetings. Mike Bianchi decided to take it a step further in his article.

My thoughts: If the Power 5 leagues truly want to break off into their own division then they first need to jettison the dead weight and add more deserving schools like UCF before setting sail for the brave new world of college football.


Example: The SEC should dump Ole Miss and Mississippi State and invite in UCF and USF to take their place. It’s crazy that the Mississippi schools get to be part of the most powerful league in college football in a day and age when the sport is all about cable television subscribers, recruiting base and growth potential.

Needless to say, that struck a chord with Mississippi State and Ole Miss fans alike. He seriously thinks that the SEC would benefit from dropping one state completely out of the SEC while gaining two schools in a state that already has a SEC-member institution. Granted, UCF is the second-largest public university in the nation. But what he fails to realize is that by dropping Mississippi schools from the SEC, he would be dropping a perennial baseball powerhouse (MSU). But let’s just let Mr. Bianchi think that he has concocted the greatest idea since sliced bread for the SEC. But then he decided to pull out this gem…

With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy: How can you tell if a Mississippi State fan is on vacation in Orlando? He’s the one trying to take his fishing pole into Sea World!

Let’s face it, the only reason Ole Miss and Mississippi State are part of SEC today is that they happened to be at the right place at the right time 100 years ago when the conference was formed while UCF and USF weren’t.

If the big boys of the Power 5 truly want to start their own division then how about first getting rid of the irrelevant schools in their own conferences?

I hate to say this, but Mr. Bianchi is digging his own grave and I hope he comes to either Starkville or Oxford. Also, I hope he has a chance to try to defend this article in the presence of Mississippi State and Ole Miss fanbases alike.

If you’d like to read his article for some odd reason, it can be found here.

If you want to give him a piece of your mind on Twitter, his Twitter handle is @BianchiWrites.

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  • wtw2400

    aThis might just be the unity that Ole Miss and MSU fans need to stop completely hating each other. Lets face it I cant think of another rivalry that hates each other more than these two teams(alabama and auburn root for each other in national championship games would we?). Its going to take something this year to show this.

    Besides there is nothing that a bunch of AAC schools could do to get into the SEC over better schools. Plus multiple people are defensive about it so since its one idiot vs a bunch of MSU AND Ole Miss Fans, well, you can ser where this is going

    • jrlyle

      Um a true Alabama fan didn’t and would not cheer for Auburn

      • Bob_Collins

        How would you know, you clearly did not matriculate at Alabama. And Auburn would not let you in.

        • Chris Bedwell

          Dang! I knew I should have gone to my favorite football team’s college so my posts would appear more relevant online. I didn’t go to UA, so how would I know whether an Alabama fan or Auburn fan would cheer for the other in a national championship? If only there were some other conceivable way of collecting this data other than spending four years at that school… True fans from either side visibly have to restrain themselves when it is suggested to them that they just support their state. How do I know, since I clearly didn’t matriculate at Alabama? Easy – I telecommuted the UA courses on the “Alabama-Auburn Rivalry” – apparently the only place you can learn about such a thing.

  • wtw2400

    Best Troll Tweet on this subject:
    Check out @SEC__Baseball’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/SEC__Baseball/status/475360248090202114

  • Eric Hutchison

    This fool is just riding a high coming on the heels of the Blake Bortles era. UCF is about to quickly fall back into irrelevance now that he’s gone.

  • JMFLBulldog

    Meanwhile, Mississippi State continually sells out bowl games, season tickets, and expands their stadium. While I admittedly don’t know much about Ole Miss’ ticket sales/attendance numbers, I would guess it to be the same. This guy is delusional to think that USF and UCF (I didn’t know they were different universities – or in what cites they are located, and I have lived in Florida for 6 years) are going to have any greater pull that MSU and UM.

  • NB81

    Denis should stick to forging resumes

    • jfree28

      And killing his players.

  • pac-daddy

    Yeah, let’s see UCF play:

    South Carolina
    Texas A&M

    NOT JUST FOR ONE SEASON, BUT EVERY YEAR. Then we’ll see who “belongs” in the SEC and who doesn’t.

  • jfree28

    Lets bring up the fact that until 3 years ago, Southern Miss OWNED UCF in everything.

  • GB

    Just the facts and nothing but the facts. Ole Miss has been in 35 bowl games winning 23, and two national championships. UFC has been in 6, and the only time they played an SEC team, which by the way was Mississippi State the lost. You would think that there would be a minimum I.Q. requirement for columnist. I guess not. DUH. Way to go stupid.

  • Jootmo

    That column has been written before…several times. The author should come up with something new.

    Why not have the Florida universities (and the Floridians that believe their universities to be higher and mightier) to band together and form their own conference ?

    Founding members: UF, FSU, Miami, UCF, UNF, USF, UWF, Florida Atlantic, Florida Gulf Coast, Florida International, etc.