Nov 2, 2013; Columbia, SC, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs quarterback Dak Prescott (15) looks to pass the ball during the second quarter against the South Carolina Gamecocks at Williams-Brice Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

A Letter of Sympathy for Dak Prescott

When I heard the news that Dak Prescott had lost his mother to cancer, I knew I wanted to write something about it, but I really didn’t know what. I didn’t know what direction I should go with it or how I should frame it. Then I just decided to write something specifically for Dak. I have no idea if he will ever read it. I could include a link to his Twitter account, but I think that would be tactless on my part. If he ever reads it, I hope he can find some solace in what I write.

Dear Dak,

I am so sorry to hear about your mother’s untimely passing this past weekend. There is probably nothing in this letter that is going to be groundbreaking or isn’t similar to something so many have probably already told you. I just wanted you to know that this fan cares more about you as a person than you as a quarterback.

Losing your mother at such an early age is one of the hardest things a person can deal with. I know because I wasn’t much older than you when my Mom passed away. I was 28 at the time and my mother had just celebrated her 53rd birthday when she died. It’s gut wrenching. The idea that the person who raised you and brought you into this world is now gone on to a better place leaves you cold and numb. If over the next several days when people ask you how you are doing or how you are holding up, don’t feel obligated to say that you are good or fine. I know that is the polite response that we have all had ingrained in us, but I have been where you are, and the last thing you need to worry about is holding any grief or anguish inside of you.

You are a Bulldog, and therefore you are one member of a very large family. We love you and we will be there to support you. In these difficult times, I would encourage you to find any ways that you can to honor your mother. Keep her close to your heart in everything you do. There are times when the grief will be too tough to bear, and those times usually come out of nowhere. I am six years removed from the death of my mother, and there are times when I miss her more than words can express for no apparent reason. When those times happen, call on your best friends. When they want to distract you with something else, let them. Sometimes, distracting yourself with something else is the only way to avoid the hurt and pain. Allow yourself such distractions.

I hope that you are doing as well as possible because I know you aren’t fine at this stage in your life. I hope that you have been able to find some comfort in the friends and family that have rallied around you. I hope you have felt the love for you as a person from all of the Mississippi State family. I hope, most of all, that you are able to grieve in whatever way you so desire for your mother.

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  • CrossroadsDawg

    Wonderful, thoughtful letter to Dak. I hope someone will get it to him.

  • Pam Ebarb

    Peggy is my cousin and I used to keep Dak when he was a “bitty-boy” while she worked. Thank you so much for this letter to him. I lost my Mama, Dak’s “Aunt Jean” almost 12 years ago and my Daddy almost 25 years before that. As hard as it was to lose my Daddy, losing my Mama was the worst tragedy of my life…..losing Peggy follows right behind the loss of my parents. Not a day has gone by in the past 12 years that I haven’t thought about my Mama and wished she was still here, and I’m pretty certain it’s going to be the same for Dak. They shared a special bond and those bonds don’t break or diminish because one of the people passes. Dak has a lot of us family to support him emotionally (not to mention his MSU family). He’ll get thru this because of his Mom’s strength and belief in him. Y’all take care of him for us!!!

    • The Grass of DWS

      I wanted to do something for Dak, but I didn’t know his Mom so I really didn’t think it was my place to memorialize someone I didn’t know. If he ever reads it I hope it brings him and your entire family comfort. I just wanted Dak to know that our fanbase cares more about him as a person than as a quarterback. We promise to take good care of him!