Oct 5, 2013; Starkville, MS, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs fans/ during the game against the LSU Tigers at Davis Wade Stadium. LSU Tigers defeated the Mississippi State Bulldogs 59-26. Mandatory Credit: Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

MSU Students Get an ‘F’ as Football Fans vs. Bowling Green

It’s 21-13 at halftime. What do you do?

Correct answer: watch the band play. Go to the restroom. Get some nachos, a soft pretzel, a coke. Then you go back to your seat for the 2nd half of football.

Wrong answer: Leave the stadium.

MSU student section at the game Saturday night: they leave the game.

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Somehow, someway, despite a complete lackluster effort by the Bulldogs they managed to walk away from that game with a win, 21-20. The offense didn’t score any points in the second half. The defense is probably lucky Bowling Green didn’t go for two when they scored a touchdown.

When your team isn’t on their A game, sometimes you have to do what you can as a fan to try to help them reach back for something more to get the job done. It’s impossible to do that if you’re drinking in the Junction, or playing Tiddlywinks at the frat house.

If you didn’t like what you saw so you left, that’s no excuse. If this was professional football then sure, walk out. But it’s not, so don’t.

If you actually had to pay a substantial amount for your tickets like the rest of the fans at the game, then you might have reason as well. At least they might have to drive back home – you live in Starkville! You pay next to nothing to attend the game, get primo seats, and you leave at halftime of a 21-13 game!

I don’t care who we are playing, don’t leave until the game is 100% in hand, or don’t enter the stadium. Give your ticket to someone else.

If the student section is going to be like this, their allotment of tickets either needs to be decreased or moved to the upper deck. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen the students evacuate prematurely. I’d suggest the administration put them under a probationary period during the 2014 season and use that as a determination as to how many tickets they should get, and where they should sit.

Not every student left, and for those who stayed, thank you. But to those who left, this ain’t Ole Miss, we have football weekends to win a game, not a party. And before you Greeks call me a dork, I was in a fraternity and AT SCHOOL DURING THE CROOM YEARS – we stayed for every game until we were down by 5 touchdowns (which was almost every game at some point).








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  • Tyler Yates

    I reapect how you have “watch the band” at top of the list to do at half time. Even though its was not our show during this game (It was for the lovely Homecoming Court congrats to them) we still work hours in the heat every week and some Saturdays to put on a nice show and it is really disappointing if it seems all that work goes to waste when no one reacts (unless you have underdressed girls twerk on the field.) I agree fully with is article and hope that students have their eyes opened. I stay to play for and cheer on my team why shouldn’t they?

  • Austin Edwards

    I agree whole-heartedly with Tyler. We as the band practice for hours a week (6am-9pm during band camp. That’s almost all day.) to give the fans something to watch during pregame and half-time so they have a reason to come in and get excited before the game and after the first half don’t get bored and leave. What do half of them do in the end anyways? Show up right as the game is starting (or even show up late) and leave halfway through the game.

    Like he said, it’s really disappointing to see all of our work go to waste, so I know the football team must feel 1000 times worse knowing how much work they put in.

  • MSUstudent

    The people that seem to be complaining the most about the students leaving are the people that show up less than 20 min before the game, sit down the entire game, and don’t cheer. I’m going to put you in the shoes of a student for a minute You go out to the junction are 12 so that you can get in about 4 hours of tailgating, then you watch the dawg walk for about 5 minutes. Immediately following the dawg walk you go directly to the gate and go in and maybe you stop and go to the bathroom and get a drink knowing that over the next 2 hours if you leave your spot someone can take it because saving seats is illegal in the student section. So for the next 2 hours you sit and wait…in the sun while that 7 dollar drink you just bought gets watered down by the ice put in it so that nice cool drink keeping you somewhat hydrated isn’t so cool anymore. About an hour in you get a shot in the arm cause the band comes in to a less than half full stadium. Then the players come out for warmups again right around half full. About this time the student section is packed and you feel like you and your neighbor are now in an intimate relationship. The best part is hey there is only about 40 min left till gametime and you wonder when the rest of the fans are going to show up. The pregame festivities are starting now and you still notice the gates are packed it looks like no one is in the stadium but you have been in the stands baking in the sun for over an hour and a half by this point. Finally the band comes on the field and everyone starts to stand so you step up on your step and as you stand you and your neighbor are shoulder to shoulder while already hot and sweaty. Finally when the game starts and the defense trots out on the field and what do you hear noise only coming from the student section. It’s sad that in a 55,000 seat stadium the majority of the noise comes from about 12,000 students. About this time its been over 2 hours and you start getting hungry because hey its almost 7 so you have to decide if its worth the trek down for sub par overpriced food while also having to wonder if someone has taken your seat because again if someone tries to say oh there is someone sitting there then guess what escorted out. So as you near to half time you are coming up on the 4 hour mark of being in the stadium, which happens to be the normal time of a game, so yes of course we are tired, hungry, dehydrated, and over standing. So before blaming the students for not staying maybe you should put yourself in our shoes Try showing up early, try not having a seat, try yelling and actually making noise. If the university would either offer free waters to the students before the game or offer paid block seating for student organizations. Don’t tell the students its terrible to leave a game early because we are hot and tired when you force us to get in the stadium in the sun for hours with no relief. But as always I’ll be back next game #HAILSTATE

    • MSUalumnus

      We did. We spent four years doing the same exact thing. For four quarters. Remember, alumni were students too, and on top of that we weren’t part of a student body that went to 3 bowl games in a row. We lost to Maine. We’ve all been there. Suck it up and support your team.

      • MSUstudent

        With less students less seats and not as many rules. The student association threatens all Greek life with losing tickets and this happened to a certain fraternity last week. They were caught “seat saving” and told they are no longer allowed to sit in that area. It’s these kind of things that make students not want to stay or even go for that matter

        • MSUalumnus

          With less students and less seats the ratio was about the same, so your complaints fail there. Same problems then as there are now. Yes pledges saved seats for actives then too. And people respected that. Which meant you had to get there even earlier to make sure you beat the other fraternity’s pledges or else work party would suck that night. Like I said, we did it all too.

          • MSUstudent

            When I said less seats it was a miss type I meant more seats this year they sold the exact same number of student tickets while removing about 3000 tickets from the bottom bowl. This means this year it is worse crowding that it has been the past 2 years I was here before that. And as for the players go most of them are on full scholarship to go to school while I pay for full tuition for the same thing. I know they work hard but it’s not for nothing the are getting an amazing education in return.

    • MSUalumnus

      Also, now that you’ve had your pity party of “put yourself in our shoes”. Let’s now put yourself in the players’ shoes. Players practice day in and day out. 5:00 AM workouts, film session and team meetings right after they get out of class for about two hours and then practice until sometimes 8 at night. Then you’ve got to study on top of that. You repeat this step not just one day out of the week, you do it for 5 days straight with a walk-through day on Friday, and then finally you have a chance to play the game in front of “fans”. You’ve fought hard for 60 minutes. And then at the end of the game you run over to see your peers to sing the alma mater and there are a total of 20 people standing there. Who wants to play for that?
      If you want a better product on the field (a reason to cheer for them), it starts with the students. Give them a reason to play hard. Quit your whining and support your team.

    • Ghost of Hank Flick

      You make some valid points here, and I understand it can be exhausting. However, this is like a person with a pool in their back yard bitching about the algae. You are lucky to be in college, to get to go to SEC football games, in good seats for practically no expense. Part of the college experience is rubbing sweat up against each other, sitting in the stadium 2-3 hours before kickoff, etc. All the things you mentioned. You are young, full of life, enjoy it.

      As I mentioned in the article, I was at State during the Croom years, so I didn’t have to wait at football games. But I did at basketball games. We stood in line, in January for 2-3 hours every Monday to get tickets for that week, then we sat at the gate at the Hump for 2-3 more hours before the game to get mid-court seats, in January. Those are some really great memories, and while you don’t realize it now, you will cherish all the things you are complaining about now.

      Your point about saving some seats might be something for the administration to consider. It may help in making it less difficult to go get a drink or go to the bathroom…you should be able to do that.

    • CrossroadsDawg

      Life is tough !!!! You’ll get to face the REAL WORLD one day. I hope you will be able to put in 45-50 years. Some may be in the sun. Hopefully, you’ll be in a air conditioned office, close to a water cooler and restroom. LOL

  • BC

    Wow, MSUStudent. That was quite a long post. See, if you would have typed this up while at the game, you probably would have stayed through at least the 3rd Quarter.

    You sound like you were extremely tired after you left. Guess you went straight home, re-hydrated with water & Gatorade and then went to bed. No?

    You do make attending a game sound like a tremendous burden. All that talk about having to show up early, pricey drinks, hot sun in October at 5:00 in the afternoon with low humidity and temps peaking in the low 80s. It is a wonder all those old dogs made it to the game at all! I guess they would have left early too, but they were probably too old and dehydrated to get up to leave.

    This article is exactly correct. It is embarrassing to see this many students leave the stadium during a game – A Homecoming Game! – That We Are Winning! – But Just Barely! Enjoy these wins while you can! As stated, we were faithful & loyal during the Croom error, uh, I mean “era”.

    Stand up and cheer if you want, but even staying quietly seated sure looks better on TV than an empty stadium. We only have a few home games left this season. We’ll miss them when they are gone! – And once you graduate, you’ll either appreciate staying as long as you could or regret leaving early. Promise.

  • Ben Lee

    Wow. I was a student during the Jackie Sherrill years. It was unheard of for the students to leave early. We hated the alumni section because most of the time they just sat there and barely cheered. Now its the other way around. Yes, the frats tried to save seats, but the students just pushed them out of the way got got our spots. Now it sounds like the students are acting like petulant children. How about you put your big boy pants on, support your team and your university. You will never get this time back. Make the most of it while you are at MSU. Otherwise, go make yourself a hotty toddy and pass out at the grove with the rest of them.