Ole Miss Waging an Ugly War with Religion

We here at Maroon and White Nation love to poke fun at TSUN. I mean, it’s all in fun…there’s nothing wrong with some good-natured ribbing. Part of the fun in a rivalry is bragging rights, which MSU has…and we want to take full advantage. But do the Bears understand this? Not likely, because nothing is off limits.

Apparently, before National Signing Day Hugh Freeze used the recruiting tactic of calling Dan Mullen an atheist to at least two prospects. This information comes from MSU football radio broadcaster Matt Wyatt on his ‘Head to Head’ radio show. Wyatt is a well-respected person with a credible history.

This might explain some of Dan Mullen’s comments on signing day that seemed to come out of nowhere: “a lot of people go to church on Sundays and tell you one thing but walk out the door and live their life very differently. We don’t do that here as Mississippi State. We live our lives the way we preach within our program.” Mullen was using an analogy between a football program where they don’t practice what they preach and a church-goer who does the same. And, of course, Ole Miss fans made a point to take that out of context (WARNING: Explicit Content).

This wouldn’t be the first time TSUN fans have brought religion into the discussion. They have long said Mullen was a Scientologist. When Freeze was hired they bragged about how he quoted Bible verses during his pep talks, but I guess he skipped over Leviticus 19:16.

This has gotten ugly, and there’s no need for it. Call Mississippi State rednecks or claim you are the more prominent school (which we know isn’t true) all you want, but to erroneously claim our head football coach isn’t a Christian? It seems as though Ole Miss will stop at nothing to degrade Mississippi State. It’s a shame for all the quality Ole Miss people who don’t want to have anything to do with this type of behavior. Hopefully we can restore some dignity to the rivalry and stop this before it gets worse. I have a feeling Thursday night at the Hump is going to be intense!


Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

  • http://rivals cole

    great article, its spelled erroneously by the way

    • http://rivals cole

      not surprised you can’t spell it’s just funny you are an “author” and can’t even spell

      • MSUSUCKS

        A true MSU Journalist.

    • dawgless

      It is nteresting that someone who comes with spelling smack commits multiple errors in the course of eight words.

  • Larry Joe

    Are you high? Mississippi A&M started all this crap, and now it is coming back to you, you think it is wrong. You reap what you sow, and you sow this big time. The old saying is if you can’t take the heat get out the kitchen, well you all apparently can not take the heat, so please leave the kitchen


    HAHA. When Hunchback was spewing all his TSUN crap and talking noise you guys didn’t seem to mind. Now it comes back on you and u start trying to take the high road? I seriously doubt Freeze was on the trail calling Mullen an atheist…he is a scientologist tho…which is basically the same. Maybe he considers himself a god…I mean he is on everyone want list right?

    • Hailstate

      You’re an idiot Mullen is Catholic but like Freeze youre spreading lies about Mullen. He also went to a Catholic high school growing up and played football at Christian college. Not even sure how you come up with this crap!

  • Xguardian

    Matt Wyatt said it so it must be true. I mean he is a former MSU QB and has no reason to be biased.

    Lets be honest here we have rumors and innuendos from both sides. No proof of anything except whats on video.
    I don’t know if freeze said he was an atheist, don’t care but the only way it’s slander per Leviticus , is if it’s untrue.
    If he said it and it is untrue then it was wrong and should be stopped and reprimanded.
    I have just as much proof that mullen paid recruits not to visit UM Campus from former players but I am am not making a blog about it as my proof is none.

  • Wintheday

    All I can say to this is…bahahahahahahaha! The “People’s” University sounds more like the “People’s Temple”. They must be handing out the Kool-aid like crazy in Starkville.

  • Drew

    Stupid subject. Nobody cares.

  • So what

    So, is mullen an atheist or not? Until I hear him espouse jesus christ as his lord and savior, then freeze is right. We all know he l ron hubbards all day sunday.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kbbiscuit biscuit

    it us hilarious how one man’s mouth can just crawl under some people’s skin so easy. mullen should come out and say, “i love ole miss.”. they hate EVERYTHING he says; so they would in turn hate that pathetic waste of land

  • http://www.facebook.com/kbbiscuit biscuit

    do tsun folks not realize he says what he says because it’s the most importanty game of the year. the three straight wins. go ahead ad make it 4 this year. definitely matters to recruits as evidenced by 13 of the 23 recruits we signed were mississipi boys. not only did you lose durin the season. you lost on recruiting day as well.. way to be a bunch of winners!