Lunchtime links: Mississippi State basketball loses road game to Alabama

Mississippi State basketball

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY – JANUARY 22: Nick Weatherspoon #0 of the Mississippi State Bulldogs shoots the ball against the Kentucky Wildcats at Rupp Arena on January 22, 2019 in Lexington, Kentucky. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

It’s lunchtime so here’s some links for you to browse through while you have a brief break from work. Today we’re going to focus in on how the Mississippi State basketball team lost to the Alabama Crimson Tide.

It’s lunchtime, right? Well, if you’re a Mississippi State basketball fan and you’re on your lunch break looking for something to do, we happen to have some news and notes tailored just for you today.

We’ve also got some music for you too!

Isn’t all of that great? It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on what’s going on in the world of Mississippi State basketball while you try not to focus on all of the tasks and responsibilities that you need to take care of!

So, don’t think about what you’ve got to do for the rest of the afternoon (or evening) and take a nice relaxing break goinv through some Mississippi State basketball stuff.

Oh, but the Mississippi State basketball team lost last night. And then Nick Weatherspoon got hurt during the game. So, uh, maybe this won’t be so enjoyable.

But hey. try and enjoy your break anyways! And if you’re not on a break right now, don’t let your boss see you neglecting your work! Unless you’re your own boss. Then it doesn’t really matter so much.

Welp, the Bulldogs lost another SEC road game that was very winnable:

  • Mississippi State basketball: Bulldogs falter against Alabama– Last night’s game against the Alabama Crimson Tide should have been a very winnable game for the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Instead, MSU fell short and lost another SEC contest that it should have come out on top of.
  • Mississippi State basketball: Nick Weatherspoon to have MRI on left knee– The worst part of last night’s game is that Nick Weatherspoon got injured. Yes, it sucks that the Bulldogs lost a game that they should have won, but losing Weatherspoon is: 1. potentially more harmful to the outcome of this season and 2. frustrating because Nick has been hurt a few different times before. You hate to see such a young player deal with injuries like he has.
  • Mississippi State head coach Ben Howland on loss to Alabama– The Clarion Ledger’s Tyler Horka got some video of last night’s press conference following the loss to Alabama. It’s worth a view and you can check it out right up there.

In case you missed it from Maroon and White Nation:

Here, enjoy a song:

Last night’s game wasn’t great. Loving Mississippi State basketball (or just Mississippi State sports in general) can be a huge emotional burden. So, you know, this song choice kinda makes sense. I’ve probably included it before, but I’m going to include it again because last night’s loss was awful.