Moment 6 of 2018: College Softball Supports Alex Wilcox

The Mississippi State softball team suffered a devastating tragedy when freshman Alex Wilcox succumbed to ovarian cancer.

On Tuesday, I revealed moment number seven for Mississippi State. Today is moment number six for the Bulldogs in 2018.

The Mississippi State softball team had a very nice season in 2018. The team made it to a regional final and competed about as well as you could hope for in the insanely talent rich SEC.

But the 2018 Mississippi State softball team will be remembered far more for what they did off the field than what they did on it. The Bulldogs spent the entire season trying to play their games while being there for their teammate Alex Wilcox who was suffering from ovarian cancer.

The story of Alex Wilcox is a tragic tale. The talented freshman fought valiantly against this awful disease, but on June 25th of this year, Alex passed away.

But despite the tragedy, there was inspiration to be found. The fight Alex Wilcox went through all year was supported by the entire college softball world. Teams from all over the country pledged their support for Alex. Simply go to Twitter and search for the hashtags #NoOneFightsAlone and #428WallSitChallenge and see all the ways softball teams from all over honored the memory of Wilcox.

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The way every SEC institution came together in support of Alex Wilcox was so inspiring, the SEC gave their SEC Sportsmanship Award to all 13 SEC softball schools.  In spite of the tragedy, the support for Wilcox was one of the best parts of 2018 for any fan of the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

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