Ole Miss deputy athletic director disrupts Mississippi State football celebration

Michael Thompson, a deputy athletic director for the Ole Miss Rebels, attempted to disrupt the postgame celebrations by the Mississippi State football team and allegedly called a MSU player a “thug.”

Things were hostile all night during the 2018 Egg Bowl. Before the game even began, Ole Miss students apparently threw drinks at the Mississippi State football team. Later during the game, the Bulldogs and the Rebels clashed in a benches clearing brawl. And after the game, tempers flared once more.

As the Mississippi State football team was celebrating after a monumental win in the Egg Bowl, Ole Miss deputy athletic director Michael Thompson seemingly got a little upset that the Bulldogs were happy. He then apparently decided that MSU’s postgame celebrations must be disrupted.

While the Bulldogs were at the middle of the field enjoying the huge win and walking around with the Golden Egg, Thompson can be seen in the midst of everything, seemingly acting as an agitator.

Joe Moorhead was having none of this and let his temper flare a bit as he defended his players while also trying to keep his team from escalating the situation. The language used by Moorhead here is certainly profane, so make sure you’re not watching it around any kids or anything.

What Joe Moorhead did in standing up for his players and also trying to end the conflict is admirable. What Michael Thompson did in inciting anger and agitating the situation is completely uncalled for and does not represent his university or his position in the athletic department very well.

Thompson is a grown man and is an administrator. According to the Ole Miss website, Thompson is the Deputy A.D. for External Relations and Business Development. His conduct doesn’t seem fitting for someone in that kind of role.

Joe Moorhead was right to step in and defend his players from Thompson’s actions. It remains to be seen what Ole Miss will do with Thompson and whether or not they will punish him for his behavior last night.