Ole Miss students reportedly throw drinks at Mississippi State football team

There’s not many Ole Miss students at the Egg Bowl, but reportedly some that are present threw drinks at the Mississippi State football team before the game started.

The Egg Bowl is one of the most heated rivalries in all of college football. The matchups between the Mississippi State football team and the Ole Miss Rebels tend to have plenty of hostility and it often stems from the folks up in the stands.

According to the Clarion Ledger’s Tyler Horka, that certainly seems to be the case. Ole Miss had a hard time getting fans to come to the 115th meeting between the Bulldogs and the Rebels, but there’s still enough people present to do dumb things.

Before the game even got started, Ole Miss students at the Battle for the Golden Egg reportedly threw drinks at Mississippi State football players.

Their student section was pretty empty 30 minutes before the game got going, and it’s probably filled up a bit since then, but this is apparently the group that threw drinks at the Bulldogs.

Obviously there are significantly worse things that have happened in this rivalry. The entire reason the Golden Egg exists is because Mississippi State fans tried to defend MSU’s home field way back in 1926. The way that State fans defended the field has become famous as they used chairs to fend off fans of the Rebels.

Still, this isn’t great. It’s not a great look for Ole Miss fans and, well, it probably wasn’t great for MSU players to have things thrown at them. At the moment, the Mississippi State football team is up on Ole Miss 14-3 in the second quarter.