NASCAR driver crashes during race sporting Ole Miss helmet

Ole Miss fan and NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. crashed horribly in Sunday’s race.

You’d think you wouldn’t want to bring on the luck of a football program under NCAA investigation, but Rick Stenhouse, Jr. decided to do just that at Watkins Glen on Sunday. And he crashed…

The Olive Branch native who is more famous for dating Danica Patrick than actually winning races, actually wore an Ole Miss helmet for this race….since he’s a Rebel fan.

I hate to rip a guy from Mississippi, but he deserves it for wearing that awful headgear. And, of course, he didn’t finish the race after getting knocked around in that accident (he’s okay). 

This whole event kind of puts to bed the never-ending “State fans are NASCAR-loving rednecks” we seem to always hear from Ole Miss fans. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a NASCAR fan – but they believe it makes you a redneck, so obviously no Ole Miss fans would ever engage in the sport. Well that’s not the case as we see here. 

Stenhouse, Jr. was the one who caused the multi-car pileup. I guess when you side with Ole Miss these days you end up on the wrong side of things. Better luck next time….without the Rebel paraphernalia.