Most Important Mississippi State Baseball Players in 2016

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Mississippi State Baseball fans believed the program was heading to places it had never been when the team reached the National Championship in 2013. The Bulldogs came up a little bit short of a national title, but the future was bright and we all just knew it wouldn’t be long before we got back to Omaha to bring home a World Series crown.

2014 brought the stark reality that it isn’t always easy to follow up such an impressive run. 2015 showed us things can be taken away from you just as quickly as you got them as the Bulldogs finished with dead last in the SEC. But it doesn’t mean the program is dead.

John Cohen has spent the last few years stockpiling talent from across the country. His recruiting classes have finished consistently in the top ten for a number of years.

The Mississippi State baseball team has enough talent to get back on top of the SEC where it used to sit on a regular basis. Getting there certainly won’t be easy, but if they are able to right the ship in 2016, there will be a few players from the team who play a big part in the resurgence of the Mississippi State baseball program.

So as you’re settling in at Dudy Noble Field this year, keep your eye on these five players. How the year goes for the Bulldogs will likely mirror how these five individual did in 2016 for the Mississippi State Baseball team.

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