2015 Mississippi State Football Rewind: Ole Miss


Now that the season is over, we take a look back at each game and how it played out.

The Setup

It was the Egg Bowl, so there were plenty of things leading into this game. Here is a list of the things I can remember off the top of my head.

  • Winner was likely to play in the Sugar Bowl
  • Dak Prescott’s final game at Davis Wade Stadium
  • Home Field Advantage had been so pivotal in the series
  • Chance for Ole Miss to go to Atlanta if Alabama had lost the Iron Bowl

Key Stats and Final Score

  • Mississippi State Yards
    • Passing: 254
    • Rushing: 148
  • Ole Miss Yards
    • Passing: 236
    • Rushing: 243
  • Mississippi State Stand Out Performances
    • Dak Prescott: 31/42, 254 Passing Yards, 2 Touchdowns, 1 Interception, 1 Rushing Touchdowns
    • Fred Ross: 12 Receptions, 117 Yards
  • Ole Miss Stand Out Performances
    • Chad Kelly: 21/30, 236 Yards, 2 Touchdowns, 11 Carries, 74 Yards, 1 Touchdown
    • Jaylen Walton: 16 Carries 93 Yards
  • Final Score: Ole Miss 38, Arkansas 27

What we thought at the time

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This game was just awful all around. The Bulldogs looked like they were going to get off to a fgood start, but Dak Prescott’s fumble totally changed the complexion of the game. Ole Miss scored a touchdown as a result, and they never looked back. This game was basically the Alabama game all over again except Mississippi State actually made some plays in the second half. But once again, the offensive line couldn’t protect Dak Prescott and he was sacked seven times. Mississippi State trailed by 25 points on two separate occasions. It was as ugly as could be for Mississippi State.

What we should have thought now the season is over

There were a lot of things that frustrated Mississippi State fans about this game even a few weeks removed from the game. Here’s a list

  • Dak Prescott lost his final home game
  • First loss to Ole Miss in Starkville since 2003
  • Hugh Freeze appears to have Dan Mullen’s number
  • Dan Mullen seemed indifferent about losing to Ole Miss

The season should be considered a success. The Bulldogs won eight games, and many people thought they were going to struggle to win six. But losing and losing in the fashion the way the Bulldogs did is going to leave a very bitter taste in the mouths of Bulldog fans’ mouths until they play in the bowl game.