THE Mississippi State vs. Arkansas Game Preview


Can you believe it’s already time for Mississippi State vs. Arkansas? That means late November. It’s means we are nearing the end of regular season college football – the most bittersweet time of the year when there are so many great games to watch but you know it’s all coming to an end.

Time: 6:00 Central

This is normally where I give you the statistical comparison between the two teams but that takes a lot of time, and I just don’t have that much time because I spent most of my free time just now pretending to be an Arkansas fan by snorting like a hog. My daughter hit me over the head with a cowbell for it…….just desserts. 


Arkansas under Bret Beilema is known for having a huge offensive line. People talk about it all the time – whoo, what a great bunch of fat guys. They are good to be sure. And they anchor a really good offense for the Razorbacks. So how will State’s D-line and linebackers attack?

The Hogs are really balanced. Chances are we won’t be able to get pressure on Brandon Allen in the passing game without bringing some type of blitz, most likely from the LBs. But if you blitz the linebacker(s), Alex Collins and his buddies might just burn you on the ground. So do you stay at home? Allen might pick you apart if you do that. And that’s the trouble with facing a good OL with a balanced attack.


Mississippi State has the second best passing offense in the SEC with 297 YPG. Dak Prescott is (almost unarguably) the best quarterback in the league. Arkansas has the worst passing defense in the SEC with 282 YPG.

So, that means MSU should be able to move the ball pretty well through the air. The kicker may be D’Runnya Wilson – will he play, and if so, how effective will he be?


This game looks like it has the makings of a shootout. The weather may have something to say about that as temperatures are expected to be near freezing. But still, I think there will be plenty of points.

If that’s the case, MSU’s stellar 4th quarter defense will need to show up, and could be the difference in one of those games with a lot of scoring. The Dawgs have only given up one touchdown on the year (vs. Bama) and a handful of field goals in the game’s final quarter. That’s pretty remarkable entering Week 12.

Next: Overcoming the Unique Challenges Arkansas Presents

Mississippi State won in the state of Arkansas for the first time in 2013. That game was in Little Rock so now they’ll look to accomplish another first by winning in Fayetteville. Dan Mullen will also look for a first as he seeks his fourth consecutive win over a SEC West team – something he’s never done.

This is the type of game that can turn a good season into a memorable one. Get it, and you’re still alive for 10 wins which has only happened three other times in school history.

Should be a great game. Hail State!