Crazy Game with an Appropriate Score: 5150


Mississippi State defeated Arkansas in a wild shootout, 51-50. It’s a game that may have driven you crazy as a Bulldog fan.

"5150 is a section of the California Welfare and Institutions Code which authorizes a qualified officer or clinician to involuntarily confine a person suspected to have a mental disorder that makes him or her a danger to him or herself or others."

After all the swings of emotion in this one, that’s an appropriate score for sure.

Mississippi State was on fire in the first half. In fact, I commented to my wife as we were watching that this may be the best I’ve ever seen MSU play… my life. Five possessions and 31 points, on the road, against a team numerous people called the hottest in college football. Defensively the Dawgs played well despite giving up 21 points to a good offense as they also forced three ‘3 and outs’.

Then in the 3rd quarter it all fell apart. Including their 2nd quarter touchdown just before the half, Arkansas went on a 28-0 run. Brandon Holloway fumbled the opening kickoff, D’Runnya Wilson let a ball pop off his hands for an INT, and Dak fumbled as he was hit from behind on a sack. Three turnovers in minus territory leading to three UPig touchdowns. All the sudden a 31-14 lead turned into a 42-31 deficit.

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But State came roaring back to take a 44-42 lead. A missed extra point would later play a huge role.

Dak Prescott had 508 yards and 5 passing touchdowns. Fred Ross and Brandon Holloway were over 100 yards each, plus Bear Wilson had 93. Ten different receivers caught a pass for the Dawgs.

Brandon Allen was equally impressive on the other side with seven touchdown passes on 406 yards. MSU actually out-rushed Arkansas 123-73, in large part thanks to State’s defensive front who bottled up Alex Collins all night.

Arkansas scored quickly after losing the lead again, and went for two successfully. But State scored quickly themselves and took the one point lead. Had Westin Graves not missed the extra point, MSU is most likely up 52-49 and Arkansas isn’t so content to settle for a field goal in the final minute….but they were and Beniquez Brown broke through the line to block their field goal attempt and secure the win.

Mississippi State is now 8-3 on the year as they head into the Battle for the Golden Egg against Ole Miss who has the same record.