SEC Nation Parodies SNL Cowbell Skit with Bruce “Dakinson”


SEC Nation is live from the Junction on Saturday morning and they decided to have a little fun with the cowbell by acting out a parody of the legendary ‘more cowbell’ skit involving Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper”.

Here is a link to view the video.

I thought this was hilarious and a lot of fun…hence why I decided to write a blog post about it.

Dak did a pretty good acting job in it, but the best part was Paul Finebaum roaming around as a version of Will Farrell’s character in the skit. He reminded me of Blinkin from Robin Hood Men in Tights.

While we’re discussing the SEC Nation show – all the the hosts commented yet again that Starkville was their favorite place to go and how they love it here. How hospitable the fans and administration are to them. Fantastic job yet again by our fans to always be classy and enthusiastic.

Marcus Spears said that MSU gave him and Greg McElroy court-side seats to the basketball game on Friday night (a 106-88 Bulldog win by the way). That kind of treatment you know they don’t get everywhere, but it’s important that we show the people who are shaping outsiders’ view of Mississippi State that it is a great place where a lot of fun and exciting things happen. In my opinion, that is just one example, along with all the extra efforts of the athletic administration to help change the tired old view of MSU into a more positive one that is the real view that students, alumni and fans have always held.