SEC Power Rankings: Week 9


For the most part, week 8 in the SEC went as we expected. Sure, Alabama was challenged more than we thought it would be. And Texas A&M laid an ostrich sized egg, but the results were about on par with what most people expected. The lone exception would be the Vanderbilt win over Missouri. Missouri is just really bad.

One other thing that seems apparent is how top heavy the SEC has become. Outside of the top 5 teams in the rankings this week, I probably could have moved teams anywhere and it not been that big of a deal.

Here is how I stack up the SEC going into Week 8.

  1. LSU (7-0, Previous Week: 1st) They won, and were challenged early. And they did it by getting Brandon Harris involved. LSU might be setting themselves up for an undefeated season if they can get past Alabama.
  2. Alabama (7-1, Previous Week: 2nd) The hype for the LSU and Alabama game will be as big as ever with both teams having bye weeks in week 9.
  3. Florida (6-1, Previous Week: 3rd) Florida had the week off to get ready for the Georgia game.
  4. Mississippi State (6-2, Previous Week: 5th) If the Bulldogs can take care of business against Missouri, then they could make a huge statement against Alabama in the second week of November.
  5. Ole Miss (6-2, Previous Week: 6th) Ole Miss might have jumped over Mississippi State, but I still think there is plenty of evidence to suggest Chad Kelly could do just as much to help Ole Miss lose as he does to help Ole Miss win.
  6. Texas A&M (5-2, Precious Week: 4th) Texas A&M is collapsing again. This team should be one of the best in the country, but they continually come up short in the second half of the season.
  7. Georgia (5-2, Previous Week: 8th)  If Georgia wants to have any chance of meeting their preseason expectations, they have to have a win over the Gators this weekend.
  8. Tennessee (3-4, Previous Week: 7th) Tennessee isn’t going to have as good of a year as many thought, but it isn’t too far fetched to suggest they suffered their last loss of the season against Alabama.
  9. Arkansas (3-4, Previous Week: 11th) It isn’t a given the Razorbacks are going to get to 6 wins and make a bowl with games against LSU, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State left, but they did what they needed to and made it easier for themselves to get there with their win over Auburn
  10. Auburn (4-3, Previous Week: 9th) Auburn is also looking at a difficult road to bowl eligibility. Games against Ole Miss, Georgia, and Alabama look like too tough a game for the Tigers. The game against Texas A&M in College Station might be the most important on the schedule.
  11. Kentucky (4-3, Previous Week: 10th) Kentucky looked to be improving this season. Then they got destroyed by Mississippi State. If they want to get to a bowl for the first time since 2010, they have to figure out a way to rebound.
  12. Vanderbilt (3-4, Previous Week: 14th) Vanderbilt can’t score, but they can play defense. Vanderbilt could wreck the bowl hopes a few teams if they can get just enough offense against Tennessee and Kentucky.
  13. South Carolina (3-4, Previous Week: 13th) South Carolina needed the off week to get things straightened out with the interim head coach.
  14. Missouri (4-4, Previous Week: 14th) The most surprising thing about Missouri is they have figured out a way to win four games. I really don’t see them winning another one.

A few teams have bye weeks this week, so we’ll see how much movement there is this week in the SEC Power Rankings.

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