Cinco de Mayo! Mi Hacienda vs. Casa Bravo


It’s Cinco de Mayo, so naturally we should decide which Mexican restaurant in Starkville is the best! It’s day five of our Starkville restaurant challenge, and today it will be Mi Hacienda vs. Casa Bravo.

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When I was going to State, the Mexican restaurant across from Food World and in front of Best Western was Tipico. While everything still looks the same, it’s all different now. Casa Bravo is across from Vowells Marketplace and in front of Days Inn. Nevertheless, it’s Mexican food.

Tipico was the place to go, along with El Sombrero (or “The Hat”, which is now closed) back in my day for some good, cheap Mexican food. Then I started dating my wife and she only wanted to go to Mi Hacienda. So I developed a taste for their delicious food as well..